HTC Announces 5G Hub

HTC presents a very special 5G hub. First and foremost, the device is a hotspot that allows up to twenty users access to a 5G network. In addition, however, the device itself can be used for entertainment purposes.

For this additional benefit, it is equipped with an integrated five-inch display with a resolution of 720 x 1,280 pixels and the Android 9 operating system. For example, series and films can be retrieved from various streaming apps. The device can also be connected to other devices via the USB-C port, allowing additional content to be transferred to it and vice versa. In addition, there is WLAN compatibility and a microSD slot. These two ways can also be used to access content without a 5G or LTE connection.

The device, which is controlled by voice commands, is driven by the “Snapdragon 855” processor from Qualcomm. In addition, there is four GB of RAM, an internal memory of 32 GB and an integrated rechargeable battery, which makes the hub also usable on the road. The powerful processor, however, also makes it possible to play sophisticated content – so the hub will also be suitable for gaming.

The main purpose, however, is to build a 5G network. In order to establish the device in professional contexts, HTC equips it with Ethernet. All connected devices are automatically on an encrypted network. It is also possible to set up an internal VPN.

The multimedia business hub is to be launched in the second quarter of 2019, but sales will be limited to selected US partners. Whether and when the device will come to Europe is not yet known.

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