Huawei brings out glasses for telephoning and listening to music – Gentle Monster X Huawei Eyewear II

Huawei wants to set new standards with this intelligent accessory. The Gentle Monster X Huawei Eyewear II should stand for a new lifestyle!

What can the glasses do

The Gentle Monster X is designed to support the user in various everyday situations and make communication more comfortable. According to Huawei, the combination of design and technology offers a unique viewing and wearing experience. On the left and right side of the glasses are dynamic driver units (speaker model 0615), which immerse the user in a multilayered and vivid sound. Through the audio room the sound waves are enhanced and sound loss is minimized to protect privacy. This results in a unique sound clarity for the listener. Linear noise reduction is achieved in the slim temples of the glasses with the double microphones. This in turn leads to optimal results during communication by maintaining audio clarity. The user is always well understood by AI speech noise reduction technology. The integrated glass frame uses the stacking method to utilize various functions inside the glasses, achieving IP67 protection. This makes the glasses dust and waterproof to a certain degree. Huawei explicitly points out that the Gentle Monster X is not professional waterproof glasses. And the waterproofness can change over time of use.

The Gentle Monster X is operated by touching both sides of the temples. With a double touch, for example, the music is paused and a call is answered. Likewise the ending of telephone calls or the start of the playback of music works. The frame is equipped with sensors that automatically detect when the user takes off the glasses. The music playback is then paused automatically. The connection to the smartphone is made classically via Bluetooth 5.0.

Easy loading

Charging the Gentle Monster X is very easy. With the leather spectacle case, the glasses can be charged wirelessly. The user simply places the glasses in the case and the charging process begins. One charge should be enough for 2.5 hours of telephoning or playing music. The Gentle Monster X has a lithium-polymer battery with 2,200 mAh.

Availability and price

The Gentle Monster X Huawei Eyewear II is available in four different versions. Among them there are 2 types of sunglasses and 3 types of optical glasses, depending on the occasion. The glasses are available immediately in stores and also in the Huawei Store. The Gentle Monster X Huawei Eyewear II Smart Glasses are available at a price of 329 Euro. The models with the transparent lenses will be available from November at a price of 299 euros. The glasses with aluminum frames will then be available for 329 euros. Those who order by November 9 will receive free access to Huawei music for six months.

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