Logitech Buys Streamlabs for USD89 Million

Logitech announced today that it has acquired Streamlabs, the company it has been working with for some time. The gaming specialist has thus secured itself an attractive position in the growing streaming industry.

Streamlabs is known above all for its software Streamlabs OBS, which is used by many streamers worldwide. According to Streamlabs, 70 percent of all Twitch streamers use their own software.

Logitech is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming peripherals and has been offering products for streamers for some time, such as webcams. Logitech also sells streaming microphones via the company Blue Microphones, which also belongs to the Logitech group. Logitech’s gaming equipment is also popular with gamers – and gaming streamers. From Logitech’s point of view, the purchase of the company, which specializes in streaming solutions, makes more sense: the company is gaining significantly more influence in this rapidly growing market and is strengthening its own position enormously.

The purchase price is USD 89 million. It could be increased by up to 29 million US dollars if certain operational targets are achieved. This additional 29 million US dollars will then be paid out in the form of Logitech shares. Whether Streamlabs will remain largely independent within the Logitech group or whether it will be integrated into the gaming department Logitech G is not yet clear.

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