Nuki Smart Lock: Smart door lock receives battery and installation service

The Nuki Smart Lock has been making it possible to use a smart door lock within your own four walls for quite some time. Now the manufacturer has presented a practical accessory for the lock. Thanks to the Nuki Power Pack the door lock can also be used with a practical rechargeable battery. This should last for one year. Besides the new battery the manufacturer also presented a limited edition in white. In addition, there is now an optional installation service available.

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Batteries are replaced

Until now, the Nuki Smart Lock could only be operated with conventional AA batteries. Fortunately the manufacturer now puts an end to this with the Nuki Power Pack. This not only saves batteries but also nerves. After all, the door lock should last for a whole year thanks to the battery. In order to provide the appropriate security, the matching app and LEDs on the lock warn the user as soon as the battery level is below 20 percent. The app also allows the user to check the battery status of the power pack at any time. So there is no need to fear unpleasant surprises. Should the battery ever run out, it can be conveniently recharged via USB-C. This is also possible even if it is installed. If you are interested in the practical battery, you can buy it from October on in the Nuki online store at a price of 49 Euro. You can use it not only with the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 but also with the first generation of the smart door lock.

White Edition is coming

Furthermore, manufacturer Nuki wants to release a limited special edition of his Smart Lock. This will shine in noble white. Until now, the Smart Lock could only be bought in black. Unfortunately, this creates unattractive contrasts with light-colored doors. Accordingly, Nuki listened to his customers and even brought out a whole set in the color white. Part of the special edition are the lock itself as well as the new Nuki Power Pack and the Nuki Bridge. It remains to be seen how limited the edition really is. However, an order is only possible via online store.

Help during installation

Many people do not want to do experiments when it comes to their safety. Accordingly, the installation of a front door lock is actually reserved for experts only. For this reason, Nuki received many inquiries from customers whether an installation service could be initiated. The manufacturer is now fulfilling this request from autumn 2020. At the beginning of the service, customers in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich and Vienna will be supported with the installation of their Nuki Smart Lock. There will then be a small surcharge for the service. The amount depends on the individual case. Prices can range from 69 to 129 euros. The service includes a device installation, app installation and a briefing on the most important functions of the Nuki Smart Lock.

Exclusive Nuki Club should come

The manufacturer wants to reward the loyalty of its customers. In the exclusive Nuki Club, buyers of the Smart Lock can enter for free. Thereby you do not only benefit from a small welcome gift. You also get special offers on upcoming and already available products of the manufacturer. A registration can be done in the Nuki app from now on.

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