Phanteks launches its first AiO cooler on the market

With its first AiO cooler, manufacturer Phanteks seems to have a hot iron in the fire. After all, the name definitely says it all with the Glacier One’s all-in-one concept. The hardware experts combine modern design with high-quality workmanship. The package is rounded off by a very low operating noise and powerful components. Despite the many points on the plus side, Phanteks relies on a comparatively compact design. Visually, the AiO cooler is also supposed to come with addressable RGB lighting. A so-called “infinity mirror” is supposed to make the water cooler an eye-catcher in any setup.

Three sizes to choose from

With the Glacier One from Phanteks, you have a choice of three sizes. Thus, the complete water cooler comes with radiators in either 240 mm, 280 mm or 360 mm. Those who opt for the white version shall also receive two Halos fan frames from Phanteks in addition. These offer D-RGB lighting, which is supposed to be able to conjure up optical highlights in combination with the rotor blades. Phanteks promises nothing less here than the optimal complete water cooling system for really any system. The fin density of the aluminum-made radiators is also worth mentioning. This is surprisingly high with 21 FPI. As a result, a large cooling surface and thus a very efficient cooling performance is available. Even processors that tend to generate a lot of heat should be able to keep a cool head with the compact water cooling.

Practical PWM control

The pump speed of the AiO cooling automatically adjusts to the current workload of the system. The end result should be powerful cooling, but always promising quiet operation. When the PC system is in normal operation, the pump reaches a maximum speed of 2,800 rpm, according to Phanteks. This can increase to a maximum of 3,600 rpm when the Glacier One’s coolant exceeds 60 degrees. When it comes to pumps, Phanteks has sought support from the experts at Asetek. They are already installing the seventh generation of their proven pump in the Glacier One. So, although this is a first from Phanteks, there should be no worries, at least when it comes to the pump.

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On top of that, the PWM signal controls the 120 mm fans from Phantek’s MP PWM series. Since these come with very large fan blades, they should be able to withstand even high static pressure without any problems in case of a high system load. It is precisely the compact design of the all-in-one cooler that will convince many. The combination of cooler and pump is said to be just 41 mm high. Together with the angled hose connections, Phanteks promises a high level of compatibility here with common RAM modules, motherboards and other hardware components that usually find space in a case.

Wow effect on the lid of the pump case

As soon as it comes to the visual highlights of the Glacier One, Phanteks explicitly emphasizes the lid of the pump housing. Here, the manufacturer installs RGB lighting that has an infinity mirror. This is supposed to be able to conjure up great effects in combination with a total of 14 RGB LEDs. The lighting is controlled by an RGB controller from Phanteks. Optionally, the lighting can also be controlled via the motherboard – provided that the software is suitable and the motherboard is compatible. Phanteks attaches the lid to the cooler-pump combination with a magnet. Once the assembly is complete, you just put it on. Thus, the cooling solution promises a tidy look.

Phanteks includes quite a few accessories with the Glacier One

The whole thing is rounded off by flexible hoses. Phanteks gives them a special sleeve, which is supposed to provide a noble finish. The manufacturer also includes special clips for the tubes. With their help, the tubes can be easily installed and positioned. According to Phanteks, you should not have to worry about annoying extra work. The company already takes care of the filling of the Glacier One. In addition, the manufacturer already applies the appropriate thermal paste to the corresponding CPU contact surface at the factory.

Price and Availability

As of now, you can pre-order the Glacier One from Phanteks. The Glacier One MPH in white has an MSRP of 149.90 euros. For the Phanteks Glacier One MP with 240 mm in black you have to put 121.75 euros on the table. The 280 mm radiator costs 136.37 euros. For the largest radiator with 360 mm you have to pay 165.61 euros. All fans are available in stores as of 12/29/20.

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