Phillips 498P9: Alternative to multi-monitor setups comes in August

With the 498P9 Phillips wants nothing less than to bury all workstations with multiple monitors in the moth box. The huge monitor with a size ratio of 32:9 and a screen diagonal of 124 cm should be able to give everyone the right view in the office.

Designed for professional users

According to the manufacturer Phillips, the 498P9 is the tailor-made product for professional users. The SuperWide-Curved LCD display not only offers a screen diagonal of just under 49 inches, but also comes with an amazing brick ratio of 32:9. In addition to its sheer size, the new professional monitor should also score points with other features. These are intended to increase overall productivity at the workplace. Above all, the resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels is gigantic. The combination of a large screen diagonal and wide aspect ratio should make the 498P9 the ideal replacement for two or more monitors placed next to each other.

Focused work

The electronics company promises concentrated work with its new monitor. The huge and brilliant display will already ensure this. Thanks to its curved design, it is guaranteed to captivate the viewer. But in addition to concentrated work, it should also be convincing because of its technology. The display offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and the refresh rate of 70 Hz also ensures an extremely fluid display. This should be convincing, especially in editing technology and other applications in the field of moving images. Furthermore, the display not only covers the entire colour space well, but also offers impressive colour accuracy.

High resolution

The display offers an impressive dual QHD resolution with 5120 x 1440 pixels. The wide monitor also features SmartImage, a state-of-the-art technology that analyses the screen content in detail. Once the analysis is complete, the feature optimizes the display. The end result is a much higher image quality. Gamers also benefit from the technical features. The so-called Adaptive-Sync technology is supposed to ensure that games are played as smooth as butter and super fluid. Distracting artifacts are also avoided.

Complying with the highest requirements

Thanks to the sheer display size of the Philips 498P9, everyday screen work should turn out comfortable. However, not only the size of the monitor plays a role here. It also comes with numerous practical connection options. For example, HDMI, DisplayPort and USB 3.2. you probably won’t need any disturbing adapters here. Moreover, one should be able to control two different output devices simultaneously with only one mouse or keyboard, thanks to the practical MultiClient KVM switch and a MultiView function. Thus, one mouse and keyboard is sufficient to control PC and laptop at the same time. This should allow for very uncomplicated multitasking.

Focus on ergonomics

Working at the monitor inevitably means working at the desk. This often means sitting for long periods. It is therefore all the more important that all devices have the right ergonomics. Philips has, according to its own statements, given a lot of thought to this with the 498P9. After all, only a certain comfort at work ensures that the results are convincing. In order to avoid neck pain, you can adjust the monitor comfortably. The monitor’s tilt angles and height can be adjusted in detail and individually. As a result, this contributes to an optimal and back-friendly posture. The eyes can also be spared. The LowBlue mode helps to reduce the harmful blue light components in the monitor’s image reproduction. Thanks to image rendition without annoying patches, the eyes are also spared. This effectively eliminates the risk of premature fatigue.

Price and availability

The ultra-wide monitor will be launched on the German market in August 2020. If you want to upgrade your desk setup, the Philips 498P9 is probably just the right product for you. However, you have to put a proud 949 euro on the counter for the large monitor. It remains to be seen whether this investment will pay off. It should certainly be more space-saving than the solution with several monitors.

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