Razer brings gaming hardware with office look

With the Productivity Suite, Razer wants to come across as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The mouse and keyboard offer the best conditions for everyday gaming as well as for office use. The gaming expert wants to score points above all with a simple design.

Fitting peripherals for sophisticated demands

Razer’s Productivity Suite is obviously designed to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the devices should be able to meet high demands in the office area. That they are made for the office area can be seen directly. They come along in an elegant white design. But appearances are deceptive here. After all, the hardware is based on genuine gaming components, which we already know from the high-quality gaming peripherals from Razer. The Pro Click and Pro Type not only rely on reliable Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz connection. They also offer more specs of Razer’s high-end mice and keyboards.

Office mouse with powerful inner values

With the Pro Click name should be the program. High-quality gaming components meet design with understatement. The focus here is clearly on comfort. After all, it should be able to withstand an eight-hour working day without any problems. High-quality materials and an ergonomic shape should provide the necessary comfort. This not only ensures ease of use, but also prevents overloading of muscles and tendons. The mouse should also have a lot to offer in terms of connectivity. For example, you can choose between a Bluetooth connection or a 2.4 GHz radio connection. This should not only ensure a stable connection. It also enables simultaneous connection to a total of four PCs. A practical switch on the bottom is used for switching.

Any amount of technology

Popular with Razer gaming mice, the Razer 5G is also used on the Pro Click. For this, the manufacturer relies on the PixArt PMW-3389 sensor, which raises the question of whether the mouse isn’t “overqualified” for the dreary use in the office. As is well known, too much performance can never hurt. The battery life also sounds promising at first. The Pro Click is very durable with 400 hours in Bluetooth and 200 hours in wireless mode. However, the charging option via micro-USB seems a bit outdated. USB-C would have been up-to-date here. Razer apparently doesn’t make any compromises in the buttons either. Here, components from the gaming sector are used again. Razer especially relies on two Omron D2FC. These should be able to withstand up to 50 million clicks. In addition to the two main buttons, the Pro Click also offers other buttons. On the left, the mouse offers two buttons and another one is located on the back of the peripherals. The four-way mouse wheel also offers two more buttons. Of course, the buttons can be adjusted according to your own ideas. Those who find the mouse too slow by nature can purchase the mouse pad Pro Glide matching the Pro Click.

The suitable keyboard

Razer also offers the custom keyboard. The Pro Type is designed exactly the same as the Pro Click on the hardware side. Externally, it is an office keyboard. Inside, however, there is genuine gaming hardware slumbering. Nevertheless, Razer obviously orientates itself on an already existing product – the Blackwidow Light – in the Pro Click. The most striking similarity between the two keyboards are probably the switches. Razer has installed the tactile Razer Orange Switches here. These combine a pleasant feedback with quiet operation. Like the Pro Click, the Pro Type also has a long life span. The keyboard should be able to withstand a proud 80 million clicks. Razer sees this as one of the decisive advantages over other office mice and keyboards. After all, these usually only offer a fraction of this life span. For example, the rubber dome technology widely used for office keyboards is only designed to withstand a maximum of 10 million clicks. Razer also wants to convince with the Pro Type with the 10-key rollover, which is unusual in the office sector and which only mechanical keys can offer.

Practical lighting and high-quality materials

Of course, the new Pro Type does not come without lighting. But it offers “only” white illumination. But an excited and colourful RGB-illumination wouldn’t fit to the otherwise so unexcited design. The lighting can be adjusted with the appropriate software from Razer. The valuable impression continues on the bottom. According to its own statements, Razer uses both metal and plastic here. You can change the keyboard’s angle thanks to the practical feet. Like the Pro Click, the Pro Type can also be connected to four PCs simultaneously. A suitable switch for changing the devices is also available here. But contrary to the Pro Click, the Pro Type offers a USB-C connection, which is very pleasant. Once the keyboard is charged through this, a maximum of 78 hours of battery life is available. The battery life drops to 12 hours in continuous use.

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