Samsung’s Foldable Mobile Phone Comes On September 18th

After an unsuccessful market launch attempt in April, Samsung plans to launch its folding mobile phone Galaxy Fold 5G in Germany. Since the first attempt failed, some adjustment screws have been tightened according to the manufacturer.

The burst market launch in April was due to the fact that some US journalists reported shortly before the planned launch date that their test models had already become inoperative after a few days. Samsung then stopped the market launch. Since the launch the folding joint is said to have been reinforced. Samsung speaks of a “revised design”.

The smartphone folds in the middle and can be folded out to the size of a small tablet. Samsung had a race with the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, who also developed a foldable smartphone. Both manufacturers wanted to bring such a smartphone onto the market first.

Now the foldable model from Samsung is to be launched on the German market in a few days – before that it will be launched on the South Korean market on 6 September. The price of more than 2,000 euros and the announcement that the smartphone will be sold “in initial quantities” suggest that there will be no mass rush and that only comparatively few devices will be sold initially. In addition to the smartphone innovation, buyers will receive wireless headphones and a cover.

Competitor Huawei has not yet announced the market launch of its folding mobile phone, which was planned for autumn.

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