Sennheiser: IE 300 introduced

With the in-ear headphones IE 300, Sennheiser presents a new model that should also convince with a detailed sound on the go.

Technical details: Some things changed

At the heart of the new in-ear headphones is a revised version of the 7mm XWB dynamic transducer, which Sennheiser developed in-house. The transducer differs from the previous version in that it features a new polymer-based diaphragm foil that is designed to reduce distortion and self-resonance.

The design of the headphones has also been changed compared to previous models. For example, Sennheiser relies on an acoustic back volume in the IE 300 to prevent sound reflections in the case, as well as a resonator chamber that suppresses masking resonances in the ear canal.

Design: inspired by professional equipment

In terms of design, Sennheiser has recognizably taken its cue from professional in-ear monitor headphones, which are becoming increasingly common in audio engineering. An individually adjustable cable guide as well as silicone and memory foam earpieces in three different sizes ensure wearing comfort that, according to the manufacturer, should still be present even after hours of use. In addition, the fittings are said to ensure noise isolation, making the in-ear headphones suitable for mobile use.

In addition, there is a 3.5 mm cable made of Para-Amid. The material used is supposed to make the cable particularly resistant. In this regard, Sennheiser speaks of “year[s] of full listening pleasure” – it should not only withstand thousands of bending cycles, but also be easily replaced in case of doubt.

Price and availability

The IE 300 is to be available in this country from the beginning of March. The recommended retail price is 299 euros.

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