Sharkoon Light² 100: Significantly less expensive than its predecessor

With the Sharkoon Light² 200 Sharkoon presented the first perforated mouse. The successor model does without the holes and is equipped with a less powerful sensor, but costs only half as much as its predecessor.

Different sensor and higher weight

The new gaming mouse weighs considerably more than its predecessor model used for comparison due to its completely closed surface: With a total weight of 78 grams, it is about 16 grams heavier. In addition, it differs from the Sharkoon Light² 200 in the sensor used, and the new mouse is equipped with a PMW-3325. Unlike the PMW-3389 used in its predecessor, this is not a high-end sensor.

The PMW-3325 achieves a maximum resolution of 5,000 cpi, which is adjustable in seven levels. The maximum measurable speed is 2.5 m/s, while the acceleration value is 196 m/s². In this respect, it lags behind the PMW-3389. However, it is questionable to what extent these differences are relevant in practice. In the vast majority of gaming situations, the performance offered by the new sensor should be more than adequate.

Other features unchanged

There is no difference between the two mice in terms of the buttons used, RGB lighting and internal memory. Omron’s D2FC continues to be used, with a maximum life span of 20 million clicks, RGB lighting is still divided into three zones and can be customised, and individual profiles can still be stored directly on the mouse. In addition, Sharkoon wants to convince with three additional buttons, five sliding feet, and a 1.8 meter long USB cable.

The mouse is available immediately at the price of around 25 Euro. It is thus not only significantly cheaper than the predecessor model, but also undercuts some competitors who rely on the same sensor.

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