Premiere of ASUS ROG: First gaming keyboard with ROG switches

Asus has announced amazing things for passionate gamers at the beginning of the month. The expert for PC hardware presented the ROG Strix Scope RX. This is the world’s first gaming keyboard that comes with opto-mechanical ROG RX Red Switches. These special keys are designed to ensure that gamers always have a consistent keystroke with comfortable pressure. But not only the keystrokes should be convincing. On top of that, Asus promises reaction times of 1 millisecond. Furthermore, the ROG Strix Scope RX should be able to withstand up to 100 million keystrokes.

Competitive switches

The special ROG RX Red Switches are said to be superior to the competition in almost every respect. It is not only the high-quality materials that are supposed to provide a promising user experience. Also the optomechanical functionality promises a pleasant pressure, which should provide a great experience not only while typing but also while playing. But optomechanical switches are already familiar. New to the ROG Strix Scope RX is the hollow square design of the shaft. Asus has embedded RGB LEDs here, which are supposed to enable a comprehensive illumination of every single button. The so-called debounce delay borders on zero. Accordingly, the keyboard should be able to pass on the user’s input directly. At the same time, stable keystroke should always be possible. The hollow square shaft and the X-stabilizing mechanism should ensure this. Although Asus uses a lot of ingenious technology, the gaming keyboard should still be able to withstand 100 million keystrokes.

The predecessor called ROG Strix Scope is still a very popular gaming keyboard among gamers today. Therefore it is not surprising that the gaming keyboard has sold very well. ROG would like to continue this success now. Of course, the aforementioned switches should be the driving force here. Besides the ROG RX Red optomechanical switches, the manufacturer also relies on well-tried ones. Why should one only install new ones if the old functions of the ROG Strix Scope were so popular? In order for the keyboard to be able to withstand the tasks of passionate gamers, ROG has, according to its own statements, not made any experiments during the development. Together with a number of experts, the company has closely examined the playing style of die-hard FPS gamers. From this, the manufacturer concluded, for example, that the Ctrl key should be designed twice as wide as usual. Why? The solution is quite obvious. Every PC gamer will not have had to hit the adjacent Windows key instead of the Ctrl key just once. In multiplayer games, this is the worst case scenario.

New Stealth key

The unique Stealth button also sounds exciting. This ensures that open applications are immediately closed with a single press. In addition, it mutes every audio signal. This is designed to ensure maximum privacy and data protection. Just as easily as the stealth mode can be activated, it can also be switched off again. To do this, simply tap the button again.

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Besides the Stealth button, ROG also wants to convince with its “Quick Toggle Switch”. This allows the user to easily toggle between the Fn buttons on top and the media buttons. This is intended to make a fluid workflow possible. The overall package is rounded off by USB 2.0 pass-through. This allows players to connect and use their headset without any complications.

Protection against dust and water

Anyone who likes to consume drinks during gambling will be happy about the reliable protection of the ROG Strix Scope RX. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the gaming keyboard is protected against dust and water to IP56. Asus generally promises a high resistance of the keyboard. A durable aluminum cover plate is supposed to ensure this.

Price and availability

Those who are interested in Asu’s new gaming keyboard can strike now. The ROG Strix Scope RX is available at a UVP of 119.99 Euro.

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