Shift4Me: Automatic bicycle gearshift for hobbyists

Cycling is made easier with Shift4Me, the automatic bicycle shifting system by innovative cyclist Jan Oelbrandt, and anyone can easily attach it to their bike.

Technical data Shift4Me

The Shift4Me system is lightweight, easy to build and mount on a bicycle with basic electronics and a 3D printer. The automatic shifting system works with both hub gears and derailleur gears.

Features, as Oelbrandt describes, can also be added to e-bikes, where it leads to impressive optimization. Wear is reduced and the battery is less stressed. Oelbrandt used four components for his Shift4Me, consisting of a magnetic sensor, servo motor, battery pack and an Arduino nano minicomputer.

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Installation and operation

The magnetic sensor is installed around the pedals, while the battery, Arduino and servo motor are housed in a box from the 3D printer. The box is mounted on the bicycle frame, with the shift cable being replaced and the wire rope being laid inside the box.

The servo takes over the gearshift, not the lever. A button on the handlebars is used to temporarily switch off the system and ensures that it is reset to gear 1.

The total cost for all components is around 150 euros. According to Oelbrandt, the battery is sufficient for eight hours of driving with one charge. Should the power run out, Shift4Me remains in the last gear. The cadence and other parameters can be adjusted in the Arduino software.

To reproduce the Shift4Me automatic gear shifting system, registration in the Forum is required. After login, the user can download the manual, 3D print templates, schematic and software by Jan Oelbrandt free of charge. The forum is very helpful in case of open questions, and if necessary, the bicycle gears can be easily removed.

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