Silverstone Sugo 14: Case in Mini-ITX format to be released in September

Cases with a narrow Mini-ITX format usually demand a willingness to compromise from the user. After all, small size often means that there is little room for powerful components. The Silverstone Sugo 14 wants to do things differently here. Despite the small dimensions, one wants to score with a lot of flexibility.

The perfect middle way

The Silverstone Sugo 14 does not want to break the record of the smallest Mini-ITX case. It rather tries to strike a balance between small dimensions and sufficient space for components. For example, it is possible to install hardware that is otherwise only possible in setups based on a large tower. Here the manufacturer takes a sophisticated path. After all, the Sugo 14 only has a volume of 20 liters. Nevertheless, a cooler with a commercially available maximum size also finds room here. The only limitation is the width of the components. This applies especially to the size of the mainboard. If the CPU socket is inserted in the wrong place, the mainboard is subject to a width limitation.

Many customization possibilities

You also have a free choice of graphics card. Here one is subject to the commercial maximum length of 330 mm and the maximum width of 148 mm. Only with the power supply unit one must give oneself up to a restriction from the beginning. This is very different from other Mini-ITX cases. Like the ATX format, the power supply may be a maximum of 150 mm long. To ensure the exhaust air of the power supply towards the top side, it is installed in front of the mainboard. How flexible the Sugo 14 is becomes clear at the latest when looking at the right side. Here you can choose between different components.

Two fans or a 240 mm radiator can be installed. Alternatively, thanks to the special mounting bracket, you can also opt for two HDDS in the size of 3.5 inch or a 5.25 inch drive. There is also space for two 2.5-inch HDDs directly behind the front of the case. Last but not least, you can install another 2.5 inch drive directly next to the power supply. The manufacturer also leaves it up to the buyer to choose the orientation of the case. So you can turn it by 90 degrees without any problems.

Price and availability

In Europe, the new case from Silverstone will probably be launched in September. How much the flexible Mini-ITX case will cost, we do not know yet. But here you can at least speculate a little bit. In the USA, the Sugo 14 will probably come on the market at a price of just over 100 US dollars. So we estimate that it will be available in our territories at a similar Euro price. If the Sugo 14 really delivers what it promises, it will be a very interesting miniature case.

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