Small, smaller, smallest: Streacom DB1 with only 4.98 liters volume

The new Streacom DB1 has a volume of less than 5 liters, making it the smallest fanless case from Streacom to date.

No space for a graphics card

The new Streacom DB1 has been developed especially for processors with integrated GPU. It can handle up to 45 watts TDP with passive cooling. Since the ITX case does not offer a lot of space, there is no room for a graphics card inside. In the DB1 a mainboard in the Mini-ITX form factor can be installed. In addition, a 2.5-inch drive and, depending on the size of the mainboard, an M.2 SSD. The Streacom case supports processors with a TDP of up to 45 Watt, which are passively cooled by the case itself. For this purpose, there is a CPU module with copper plate and heatpipes inside, which can be mounted variably. This is used to dissipate the waste heat from the processor directly to the lateral cooling fins of the DB1. The module is compatible with the current desktop sockets. Due to the 4 mm thick aluminum outer sides, the entire case serves as a cooler. The sides are connected to each other via four aluminum bars.

Compact and light

The Streacom DB1 weighs just 1.8 kg and measures 222 × 222 × 101 mm (L × H × W). It can easily be completely disassembled with only eight screws and the sides can be reattached in different orientations as desired. The DB1 can be used lying down or standing upright as a tower. The front connector of the ITX case is modular and comes with a USB 3.0 type A connector, which can be exchanged with a USB type C socket. Since there is no space for a common power supply, Streacom has released the Nano PSU with 90 Watt. This is exactly aligned to the dimensions of the case.

Availability and price

Early next year, Streacom’s smallest case will be available in stores at 109 euros. The colors black and silver are available for selection. The Nano90 power supply unit is expected to cost about 68 euros.

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