The new generation of Intel SSDs comes with 144-layer NAND flash

Intel recently introduced its new SSDs with the usual NAND flash memory. Consumers get the M.2 SSD 670p, and there is supposed to be a larger selection for companies with the D7-P5510 and D5-P5316. All SSDs will use the new 144-storage-layer NAND.

2021 can come!

The successors of the SSD 660p and 665p will be launched in the usual M.2 form factor with a length of 80 mm as early as spring 2021. The 670p is the QLC version with four bits per memory cell. On the one hand, it is cheaper and on the other hand faster and more durable than the previous QLC generations. The 670p uses PCIe 3.0 and is to be released with storage capacities of 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. Here, the dynamic SLC cache will shrink more slowly with increasing fill levels than in the 660p version and the static SLC cache will remain untouched with 6 to 24 GB. A data sheet from Intel is not yet available, but the manufacturer talks about a next-gen controller and 150 TBW per 512 GB.

SSDs for businesses

For businesses, there is the SSD D7-P5510, this uses a TLC version of the new memory generations. Thereby, the SSD with 3 bits per memory cell is more durable and faster than the QLC variants. The D7-P5510 is offered in a 2.5-inch case with a U.2 connection. You can choose between 3.85 TB and 7.68 TB in terms of storage capacity. According to Intel, the performance of the new SSD should be significantly higher than that of the predecessor. The manufacturer states up to 7 GB/s as well as 930,000 IOPS read and 4.2 GB/s or 190,000 IOPS write. The D7-P5510 should be available immediately.

The D5-5316 brings storage capacities of up to 30.72 TB as a U.2 version or as an E1.L version. The performance is said to reach up to 6.8 GB/s and 800,000 IOPS read. Unfortunately, no data is available on the write performance of the D5-5316 so far. Intel wants to release the SSD in the first half of the year.

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