Twitter has a new post type: “Fleets” delete themselves

The social media platform Twitter introduces a new type of contribution. These should delete themselves after a certain time.

The “Fleets” are coming!

The new post type of Twitter is called “Fleets”. This is a completely new type of post. They are automatically deleted after 24 hours. So similar to the stories on Instagram, which are online 24 hours. Originally, this type of posts came from Snapchat and was later adopted by other social networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. However, the new “fleets” can neither be linked nor retweeted. Answers to the post can only be given by a direct message and not in the public timeline, according to product boss Kayvon Keykpur.

Has already been tested!

The new “Fleets” have already been tested in several countries. The new format has been successfully tested in Italy, India, South Korea and Brazil. Especially new users or users who tweet less frequently will accept the new post type. The “Fleets” are aimed precisely at these users. New users should be encouraged to use the social network more and find it easier to get started.

Start on November 17, 2020 worldwide

The “Fleets” which stand for “fleeting tweets” were launched yesterday – worldwide. Twitter is already working on other formats, such as spoken tweets and direct voice messages.

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