WordPress 5.1 Has Been Released

Only in December version 5.0 was released, which brought numerous changes with it. The new text editor met with little approval and should work better in the new version. In addition, WordPress wants to prevent the use of incompatible plug-ins and warn users against using outdated PHP versions.

WordPress has established some trend-setting changes with version 5.0. With the new version 5.1, the course taken is now being consistently pursued. Special attention was paid to the block editor introduced in December, which is not used by many users, as the success of the “Classic Editor” plugin, which replaces it with the classic text editor, proves.

Above all, the performance of the new editor is to be significantly improved with the update. Tell him to load faster. It should also be easier to enter text at the desired position. As the comments on the update reveal, these are exactly the points that will be worked on in the future. WordPress is therefore placing increasing emphasis on eliminating the weaknesses of the new editor in order to establish it among the numerous CMS users.

Another new feature is the Site-Health function, which warns the user if he is using an outdated PHP version. Furthermore, this new feature prevents the installation of incompatible plugins with the PHP version. In the previous version, the only check was whether the plugin to be installed was compatible with the installed WordPress version. The PHP compatibility was not checked, so in practice it can lead to the installation of incompatible plugins, which could lead to problems.

Also new is a database table in which multiside metadata can be stored. Also Cron-API was extended. Among other things, a filter for modifying the cron memory can now be found here. Furthermore, WordPress now has a new JavaScript build process.

The developers also announced version 5.2, which will be released in April and will contain a block directory for the new text editor.

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