Xbox Series X: Microsoft Presents Design of the New Xbox

Next year, gamers are facing drastic changes: both Microsoft and Sony will launch their new consoles on the market. In the context of the Game Awards Microsoft presents now the design of the new Xbox – it surprised.

The device has hardly anything in common with its predecessor. It reminds rather of a mini PC, since it shoots strongly into the height. However, it was assured that it can also be used lying on its side. At the top of the device there is a coarse-meshed ventilation grille, which is already used in a very similar form in the Xbox One S, a more powerful version of the usual Xbox One,.

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In addition to the device itself, Microsoft also changes the controller with which it is operated. At first glance, it still clearly reminds one of its predecessor, but a closer look reveals clear differences. For example, it has an additional button that can be used for recording and sharing game scenes. Microsoft has also reworked the controller’s control pad. This controller should not only be usable with the new Xbox, but also downward compatible and additionally usable with Windows 10 computers.

Microsoft kept a low profile with further data on the new console. However, it is already known that the new device should theoretically support an 8K resolution – which would hardly be relevant in practice. More relevant, however, are other statements: The device should deliver 60 or 120 frames per second with a 4K resolution, a variable refresh rate and automatically reduced latency. Of course, this also requires appropriately equipped televisions with which the device can be used.

Games are to be stored on an SSD, a disc drive seems to be available and a Zen 2 processor from AMD is supposed to provide performance inside. A market launch date is not yet known. However, the console is expected to be launched in time for Christmas 2020. First games have already been announced: “Halo: Infinite” and “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2” should be among the first games available for the Xbox Series X.

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