XPG PRIMER: New gaming mouse introduced

The XPG PRIMER is primarily intended to pick up gaming enthusiasts. This starts with hobby gamers and goes all the way to e-sports professionals. The new piece of jewellery should score points with a powerful sensor, a pretty lighting and a convincing price-performance ratio.

Convincing Specs

The technical details of the new gaming mouse read very well on paper. For example, the XPG PRIMER has an optical sensor that is said to be able to achieve a proud resolution of 12,000 DPI. In addition, the little runabout has a really handsome RGB lighting that is already noticeable at first glance. The gaming mouse should be enjoyed for as long as possible, as XPG uses durable OMRON switches in its production. Considering the price, all these features already testify to a great price-performance ratio.

The perfect all-rounder ?

If you look at the features of the XPG PRIMER in detail, you’ll quickly notice that XPG tries to keep a balance between the components. This concerns the sensor in particular. The Pixart PMW3360 is supposed to be a reliable sensor that not only offers accuracy and reaction speed, but also otherwise shows very high quality. In addition to the proud 12,000 DPI, the XPG PRIMER also scores in other points. Due to its compact design, it offers optimal ergonomics that should please many hands. The structured side grips and the special scroll wheel, which should always be perfectly controllable, should also be conducive to comfort.

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High-quality workmanship

At first glance, the XPG PRIMER doesn’t look like a cheap gaming mouse at all. If you look at the details, you won’t lose this impression either. Thus, XPG relies on a mixture of robust and smooth material here. This scores especially with the fact that it is easy to clean. The cable that XPG gives the PRIMER is also practical. This is not only supposed to be light, but was also specially braided. So it shouldn’t get tangled so easily during playing and should be protected from breakage. With 98 grams, the mouse should be neither too light nor too heavy. XPG also seems to have found an optimal middle ground between traction and comfort.

Release and price still unknown

We are very excited to see if XPG can deliver on its promises regarding the PRIMER. On paper, the new gaming mouse is at least already convincing in all points. Apart from the long life, the powerful sensor and the pretty design also convince us. When the new gaming mouse will reach the German market is still unknown. First speculations, however, assume an RRP of about 40 euro. This would make the mouse a real price-performance cracker.

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