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Govee Floor Lamp 2 Review: The Atmospheric Floor Lamp Just Got Better

Lighting expert Govee is finally giving the popular Lyra Floor Lamp a successor. It goes by the name of Govee Floor Lamp 2 and is not only significantly brighter, but has also made huge improvements in terms of ease of use and functionality. We took a closer look at the floor lamp for the test.

Technical data

The product Floor Lamp 2
Lamp weight 2.378 grams
Height 1.52 meters
Lighting technology RGBIC
Light color RGBWW
Power output 48 watts
Brightness 1.725 lumen @4000K
Number of light beads Top: 144 (RGB WW)
Base: 30 (RGB WW)
IC layout 1 bulb per IC
Wireless protocol Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 5.3
Control methods App; Remote control; Voice
Timer available? Yes
Alexa support? Yes
Matter support? Yes
Support for Google Assistant? Yes
Remote control? Yes
Other special features Music recognition, voice control, Matter support
Price € 149.99 * (RRP: 149.99 euros)

Govee Floor Lamp 2 review: structure, design and workmanship

  • Assembly in just 6 steps
  • somewhat fiddly assembly

The basic structure of the Govee Floor Lamp 2 has not changed much compared to its predecessor. However, the height of the floor lamp has increased significantly. While the predecessor had a maximum total height of 140 cm for the base and light tube, the new edition now reaches 152 cm.

However, as the box is only 43 cm high, it quickly becomes clear that we still have to put the lamp together ourselves. The scope of delivery consists of various components. The base of the light, which is around 20 cm high, is fully assembled and has a power connection for the light tube and the start of the holder at the top and is connected to the mains at the bottom.

The bracket itself consists of three semicircular and open metal rods, each 40 cm long, which have to be screwed together using the connecting parts inside. The manufacturer includes a total of 14 screws and a suitable screwdriver in the scope of delivery.

Despite the pre-drilled holes and instructions, assembly is a little fiddly. This is mainly due to the fact that the screws are really tiny and the screwdriver is too short. I also found the manufacturer’s recommendation to mount the light upright rather impractical, as the metal connections can quickly slip.

When lying down, the installation worked much better. However, caution is still required, as the connecting cable between the light tube and the base needs to be pushed far into the base so that the tube fits in.

The flexible white rope light, which in terms of color and shape is reminiscent of the Govee Neon Rope Light 2 that colleague Stefan recently tested, is then simply pressed into the holder.

Pleasing design and workmanship

  • simple yet pleasing design; impeccable workmanship
  • higher than its predecessor (152 cm)
  • Power connection now (finally) leads to the wall

Once this has been mastered, assembly is completed in just six steps and the Govee Floor Lamp 2 can be put into operation. The base is rubberized on the underside and therefore stands securely even on smooth surfaces.

With a diameter of around 13 cm, it is also pleasantly compact, while the metal snake and hose are significantly slimmer at around 2.4 cm. The design is appealing, even if at first glance it looks a little too big for a toilet brush. Nevertheless, the Floor Lamp 2 looks great.

Govee Floor Lamp 2
Practical: the power connection has finally been moved to the back and no longer protrudes into the room

The build quality is also impeccable. Robust metal and a high-quality base testify to the high quality, while the weight of 2,378 grams also speaks for itself.

One successful design innovation concerns the light’s power connection. This has now been moved to the front, whereas in its predecessor it was still located at the back and therefore protruded into the room.

Operation of the Govee Floor Lamp 2

  • practical remote control performs basic functions
  • Remote control holds magnetically to the light
  • Voice control and Matter support

In terms of operation, the Govee Floor Lamp 2 is very versatile. For example, the scope of delivery includes a handy remote control that can be used to control the most important functions. Here we can switch the light on and off, change the color or dim the light at the touch of a button.

The remote control also allows us to choose between warm white and cool white light colors or activate the reactive lighting, with which the luminaire reacts to ambient noise and music thanks to built-in microphones.

A particularly practical feature is that the remote control can be attached magnetically to the metal rod. A suitable holder is also included in the scope of delivery. Voice control is of course also possible. Either the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can be used for this.

A new feature is the option of integrating the Govee Floor Lamp 2 into your own smart home using the Matter standard. After switching it on for the first time, the Matter setup opens directly on the smartphone, prompting us to scan the QR code.

However, the app does not tell us where to find it. According to the instructions, there should be a QR code on the light itself, but I couldn’t find it. However, the Matter code can be found in the Govee Home app, which can then simply be copied and entered.

App control via Govee Home

  • clearly laid out app
  • almost infinite setting options

The Govee Home app, which acts as the control center for the manufacturer’s entire ecosystem, is of course the linchpin for operation. Here, the Govee Floor Lamp 2 is paired quickly and easily via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is ready for use just a few steps later.

We then find ourselves in the tidy main screen, where even the light tube and the base can be switched on and off separately. Below this, we find various options such as the ability to control the light using a timer or to create and save our own effects and colors.

Another interesting feature is the DreamView function, which uses light mapping to reflect the information of the screen or music in the same environment via a Bluetooth connection. This also allows the entire lighting of compatible devices to be synchronized, which then reacts to music in the environment, for example.

Of course, the brightness can also be adjusted within the app, while we can choose between different lighting modes in the “Mode” section. These range from music and color to scenes and other effects.

There are no limits to the imagination here, as the manufacturer’s pre-installed effects already offer plenty of choice. From sunrise, ocean and fire to dense fog or fireworks and festive lighting for Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day.

If that’s not enough, you can simply cobble together your own effects and lighting styles. In simple mode, the color and brightness of the eight segments of the light tube and the five segments of the base can be individually adjusted. The advanced mode, on the other hand, goes into much more detail.

Practical test of the Govee Floor Lamp 2

  • very attractive indirect lighting
  • pleasantly soft light
  • maximum brightness could be higher

The predecessor model already enjoyed enormous popularity with its varied lighting options. But the Govee Floor Lamp 2 goes one better from a technical point of view.

Not only is the light now even brighter with up to 1,725 lumens, but the effects are now even more varied and colorful thanks to additional light beads. Incidentally, the floor lamp reaches its maximum brightness at a color temperature of 4000K, which is a fairly cool shade of white. However, the temperature can be adjusted between 2200K (warm white) and 6500K (cool white).

The individual light beads, in this case 144 in the tube and a further 30 in the base, are always visible. Nevertheless, the matt white color of the tube ensures that the lighting emits a pleasantly soft light and does not dazzle at any time.

The floor lamp is just as good at static RGB effects as it is at slowly changing lighting moods or fast effects, which can be found in the app under the “Fun” section.

Like its predecessor, the Govee Floor Lamp 2 is also designed for indirect lighting. This means that the LED tube should ideally be turned in the direction of the wall so that the light is pleasantly diffused into the surroundings. This allows the various lighting effects to be shown to their best advantage.

Nevertheless, I would have liked a slightly higher maximum brightness, which would make the Floor Lamp 2 exciting for more scenarios that are not limited to ambient lighting. As the only luminaire, it lacks a bit of radiance, but that’s complaining on a high level.

The many different lighting modes and lighting moods that can be created with the Floor Lamp 2 are pleasing across the board. Whether soft pastel tones for relaxing, warm white for dinner or (my favorite) changing yellow, orange and red tones of the fire or lava effects: everyone is guaranteed to find what they are looking for here.

Govee Floor Lamp 2 Review: Conclusion

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 skillfully enhances any room, no matter how boring, with its attractive and varied lighting scenarios. Thanks to an almost infinite range of effects, from color changes to static colors to different shades of white, almost every scenario and every taste is covered.

Although the innovations compared to its predecessor are limited, they are absolutely positive. The increased brightness and increased number of light beads are particularly pleasing, while the change of the power connection to the front also increases convenience, as there are no longer any cables protruding into the room.

While its predecessor was already an excellent and rightly very popular floor lamp, the Govee Floor Lamp 2 has made further noticeable improvements in many areas. And without changing the price, as the RRP remains the same.

For around 150 euros, I can warmly recommend the Floor Lamp 2. However, if you’re not in such a hurry, you should wait a little longer before buying. Because there are discount promotions on Govee products at regular intervals.

Govee Floor Lamp 2 Test: Gold Award

Govee Floor Lamp 2

Value for Money


The new edition of the popular floor lamp scores with sophisticated design improvements, greater luminosity and even more options.

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Lighting expert Govee is finally giving the popular Lyra Floor Lamp a successor. It goes by the name of Govee Floor Lamp 2 and is not only significantly brighter, but has also made huge improvements in terms of ease of use and functionality. We took a closer look at the floor lamp for the test. … (Weiterlesen...)

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