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Laresar L6 Pro review: Surprise from the mid-range?

Do you still use a vacuum cleaner and mop to keep your floor clean in your own four walls? Then it’s time for an update. And I’m not talking about a cleaning aid, but a practical technical gadget. In the meantime, a lot has happened in the field of fully automatic vacuum robots. Today, we won’t look at big names like Roborock, Dreame or Ecovacs. Instead, we will take a closer look at a rather unknown model in the Laresar L6 Pro review. It not only impresses with a really chic look, but also scores with a great price. The attractive price tag in particular could make the smart household helper including suction station the perfect entry into the world of robot vacuums. We reveal what the mid-range device has up its sleeve.

First impression

Before the test model of the L6 Pro arrived at my home, I was not familiar with the Laresar brand. Therefore, I first took a look at the technical data of the vacuum robot. And it turned out that there is a lot on the plus side. That already starts with the robot itself, which promises a high suction and wiping performance. The only drawback is the rigid wiping surface, which I am somewhat skeptical about at first glance.

laresar l6 pro test

However, the main focus for many potential users is likely to be on the docking station anyway. It reliably sucks up the dirt collected by the robot. This is primarily intended to ensure user comfort. Although the price alone puts the Laresar L6 Pro in the mid-range, it also comes with LiDAR sensors. The laser navigation promises the best orientation even in absolute darkness.

Technical data

Dimensions 35.0 x 35.0 x 9.4 cm
Navigation LiDAR + ToF
Suction 3,000 Pascal
Battery 5,000 mAh (max. 200 minutes runtime)
Volume water tank 300ml
App control Yes
Voice control Yes
Price (MSRP) € 499.00 * (with code OU59HJ2U between September 12 and October 15 only $450.99)

Scope of delivery

laresar l6 pro test

  • Laresar L6 Pro
  • Suction station
  • Cleaning brush
  • 1x side brush
  • 1x HEPA filter
  • 10x disposable wipes
  • 2x wipes
  • 5x dust bags (One inserted from factory)
  • Instruction manual

Laresar L6 Pro review: design and workmanship

  • Matt black finish with dark blue accents
  • High build quality
  • LDS tower on the top

The trend towards robotic vacuum cleaners including a large-sized docking station has forced manufacturers to give their models an appealing look. After all, their size makes them hard to miss. The days when you could hide a robot vacuum cleaner under a sideboard are over. At least if you opt for a device with a suction station. Fortunately, the Laresar L6 Pro comes in a chic design. I like the matte black very much because it makes a noble impression and prevents fingerprints on top of that. The whole thing is rounded off with a chic border in a dark blue. Given the modern look, you really don’t have to hide this piece of technology.

laresar l6 pro test

Perched on top of the robot vacuum is the LiDAR sensor. This sits in a small turret and is responsible for navigation and mapping in your home. You will also find two buttons on the top. One of them sends the smart household helper to its docking station. The other one starts the cleaning process. The combi bin is located at the rear of the robot vacuum. It not only holds the collected dust and dirt. You can also refill the water needed for the wiping function here. The installation and removal is very easy to do.

laresar l6 pro test

Elements essential for the suction function sit at the bottom. Besides a side brush, you’ll find the suction hatch including the main brush here. Unfortunately, this is not fully rubberized, which might not please pet owners. Furthermore, there are drop sensors on the underside, which are not only supposed to prevent a fall from the stairs, but also promise carpet detection. All in all, the Laresar L6 Pro convinces with a chic design. On top of that, I cannot complain about the build quality. Only the main brush I would have liked with a different material mix.

Laresar L6 Pro review: suction station

  • Suction station also in matte black
  • Easily visible display on the front
  • Under the lid is the dust bag

The docking station of the smart household helper not only serves as a “filling station” for the battery. On top of that, it hides a suction function. This also explains the tubular design. After the cleaning tour, the collected dirt is sucked up by the station. The debris then ends up in the 3-liter vacuum bag, which is revealed under the top flap. On top of that, you will also find a handy multitool under the lid, which can be used when cleaning the robot vacuum. An LCD screen is located at the front of the station, which displays important status information about the device. In particular, data like battery status might be of interest for many. But the station also lets you know when the vacuum bag needs to be changed. Like the robot vacuum cleaner itself, the station also comes in a classy matte black.

laresar l6 pro test

The build quality is on a similarly high level. Thus, you can place the combination of robot and station in the living room without hesitation. However, you should keep in mind that the Laresar L6 Pro makes a lot of noise when vacuuming the robot. This process only takes a few seconds, but newcomers in the field of suction stations should know that before they get scared. Of course, I do not want to chalk this up to the smart household helper in a negative way. After all, even flagships like a Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (test) make a lot of noise when vacuuming the dust container. Besides, the volume does not come from nowhere. Thus, the container is vacuumed with powerful 3500 Pascal.

Laresar L6 Pro Test: Navigation

  • Combination of LDS and ToF
  • Object detection overwhelmed for small objects
  • Total of 23 sensors

LiDAR technology ensures reliable navigation. This is already noticeable during the first mapping. After all, the robot vacuum calculates a very accurate image of your home. And it does so much faster than comparable models with optical navigation, such as a Yeedi Cube (test). In combination with the total of 23 sensors, the Laresar navigates quite unerringly through its own four walls. It is noticeable that it does not drive chaotically at any time. Its route is always targeted and efficient. The robot vacuum always reliably detects large obstacles. For example, it maneuvers around chair legs and recognizes furniture without hitting it. With smaller objects, it then struggles from time to time with the detection.

laresar l6 pro test

This simply lacks the reliable object detection we’ve seen in high-priced devices like a Dreame L20 Ultra (test). So you should keep your offspring’s toys as well as cables and shoelaces safe. The fall sensors on the underside of the robot serve two purposes at once. They are not only intended to protect the robot vacuum from damage caused by falls. They also serve as a carpet sensor. As soon as the robot drives over a carpet, it automatically increases its suction power to optimize the cleaning result. It also has a pleasingly long battery life. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is up to 200 minutes. However, since this is limited to the lowest level, the information should be taken with a grain of salt. In the test, I could let the vacuum run through my apartment for three quarters of an hour without any problems. After that, he was done with the cleaning.

Laresar L6 Pro test: good suction performance

  • Good suction performance with four levels
  • Wiping results only satisfactory
  • Good runtime of up to 200 minutes

Among other things, the Laresar wants to score with an attractive price. But what features are there for just under 540 euros? Let’s start with the sober data. The suction robot itself comes with a suction power of 3,000 Pascal. This allows it to easily remove coarse dirt and fine dust from the floor. This is especially true for hard floors like tiles and parquet. Certainly, some dirt is left in the corners here and there, but that happens even with top models. In any case, you should not give in to the fairy tale that you will never have to clean the house yourself again with a robot vacuum. To clean even hard-to-reach places, you can’t avoid the occasional swing of the vacuum cleaner and mop. On carpets, the smart household helper sometimes struggles a bit. Especially on long-pile models, the 3,000 pascals are usually not enough.

laresar l6 pro test
The 3.5-liter dust bag sits directly under the lid.

Depending on the degree of soiling, you can choose between a total of four different powerful suction levels. In standard mode, the suction power was usually sufficient for me. You can integrate the Laresar L6 Pro into your routine wonderfully. This is ensured by the cleaning schedule option. You can set certain days and times in advance when the smart household helper should go on a cleaning tour. It makes sense to have the vacuum cleaner run when you are at work, for example. This way, you return to a clean home in time for the party. The smart household assistant works very reliably on its own. The best example of this is the automatic return to the docking station when the battery level is nearing the end.

Laresar L6 Pro test: mopping performance only satisfactory

After this is then recharged, the robot resumes from where the cleaning was interrupted. While the suction performance is really good, the wiping performance is no more than solid. What’s the reason for that? The L6 Pro has a simple wiping plate. This is neither pressed on the floor, nor does it vibrate. Here, you can only rely on the robot’s own weight.

laresar l6 pro test
Unfortunately, this is a rigid mop plate, so only its own weight exerts pressure on the floor.

This results in stubborn stains unfortunately only being halfway removed after being driven over several times. As with vacuuming, you can also set different levels here. A total of three wiping levels are available. If you want an effective wiping function, you are definitely out of place here. Who wants to have a respectable wiping result, should then rather reach for models with two rotating mops.

Laresar L6 Pro review: operation and setup

  • Quick and straightforward setup
  • App scores well with overview
  • Many setting options

A good smart home gadget should also offer high user comfort. And this already begins with the commissioning and setup. Those who are afraid of an elaborate setup can breathe a sigh of relief. The Laresar is actually as good as fully assembled ex works. For the remaining small steps, such as connecting the power cord, a clear user manual is available. As soon as the station is connected to the mains, you can start right away. Your next step should take you to the Apple App Store. Here you can download the appropriate Laresar app. This will guide you step by step through the rest of the setup.

The focus here is on integration into your home network. The app itself scores with a great overview. Settings and the like can be made very easily. Before you start fine-tuning, however, you should tackle the first cleaning tour. Here, the robot also creates a map of your apartment. This then serves as the basis for many different settings. The app itself automatically assigns rooms to your own four walls after the maiden voyage. If the floor plan does not correspond to reality, you can make adjustments accordingly.

In the map you can also define no-go zones or areas where the robot should not wipe. Conversely, you can also specify certain areas where targeted cleaning should take place. If you live in a house, you will be happy about the possibility to save up to five maps. Here, the cleaning of several floors is possible without any problems. In addition, you can specify further fine-tuning like virtual walls or similar. Status information like battery capacity can also be viewed in the app. All in all, the app convinced me with a good overview and catchy operation.

Laresar L6 Pro Test: Maintenance

Thanks to the suction station, the Laresar L6 Pro already takes a lot of maintenance work off your hands. However, there is still a little to do. For example, to avoid unpleasant odors, you should wash the wipe after each cleaning. Fortunately, the manufacturer includes a replacement wipe. So you can always change. Pet owners also have to be prepared to have a go at the main brush from time to time. Since this is not fully rubberized, hair tends to get tangled here.

The water tank holds 300ml

For cleaning, the cleaning tool located in the docking station will help you. Furthermore, you have to replace the dust bag located in the station with a new one regularly. In view of the pleasingly large volume of 3.5 liters, this should only be the case every few weeks. All in all, maintenance is quite easy. You should not let the cleaning of the individual components slide. Then, according to experience, only small impurities accumulate, which are quickly removed.


The Laresar L6 Pro is not a milestone in the history of robot vacuum cleaners. However, it does not want to be. Rather, this smart household helper is the epitome of the middle class. And that is not meant to sound disparaging at all. It may not stand out as a special highlight in any discipline, but it offers good results overall. At first glance, it scores with its really nice looks, which could also be found in the upper class. Furthermore, it offers a great suction performance. Only in the wiping performance you can not expect much.

Here the results are no more than solid. If that’s not enough, the Uwant U200 (test) is a great alternative with more power for a similar price. The app scores with a great overview and many setting options. In view of the various points on the credit side, it is clear what the number one selling point is: The price! For just under 540 Euros you get a really good set of features here. Especially those of you who don’t attach great importance to a powerful wiping function are right on the money here.

Laresar L6 Pro

Workmanship & design
Value for money


If you are looking for a vacuum robot with a good price-performance ratio, this is the right choice. The L6 Pro only shows weaknesses when it comes to mopping.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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