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Quersus ICOS Edition One test: premium chair with seating comfort

In order to avoid back pain during long gaming sessions, a comfortable chair is indispensable. But once you start looking for a suitable model, you are quickly overwhelmed. Even the segment of high-end gaming chairs is currently growing and thriving more than splendidly. This is not least due to the fact that more and more people work in a home office. The decision to buy a somewhat more expensive gaming chair is quickly made, since work and hobby can be optimally combined. In today’s Quersus ICOS Edition One review, we want to take a closer look at just such a model. Let’s see if the Polish manufacturer can keep up with the strong competition.

Technical data

Total height with base 127 cm to 144 cm
Height of seat with base 43 cm to 53 cm
Height backrest 84-90 cm
Wide backrest inside 24 cm
Wide backrest outside (widest point) 55 cm
Depth of the seat 50-55 cm
Width of the seat 53 cm
Total depth (without base) 64-69 cm
Wide armrests 10 cm
Deep armrests 25 cm
Height of armrests from seat 17 cm to 24 cm
Manufacturer warranty 5 years
Maximum weight 150 kg
Price 549,00 Euro (29 Euro surcharge for personalization)

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test: Unboxing

Unfortunately, our test started with a bit of a damper. So I am actually a little disappointed with the packaging of the gaming chair. Quersus itself emphasizes that they pack the chair with maximum security. In practice, that looked like filling my yellow garbage can with four bulging garbage bags full of plastic packing material.

Whether you can still offer packaging like this in 2023, given the increasing importance of sustainability, is more than questionable. For example, Quersus wraps each individual roll with special protection.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test
You should have enough space ready in your trash can for unpacking

However, aside from the environmental concerns, the packaging did its job very well. So everything arrived undamaged at my place. However, I hope for a rethink in this regard for the future. More environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard and paper can also be used here.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test: Easy Assembly

Quersus has always been able to maintain its reputation for designing high-quality gaming chairs that offer one thing above all else: Customizability. Since you spend many hours a day on the seat, ergonomics is also extremely important. After all, a healthy seat prevents back pain. But customizable is not only the shape of the chair. You can also go wild with the look.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test

Thus, the gaming chair can also be equipped with your own desired logos against payment of a small surcharge. For example, you can replace the Quersus company logo with your name or a completely different image. Considering the already high price of the chair, the extra charge unfortunately seems a bit overpriced. However, since Quersus doesn’t force you to customize it, everyone has to know for themselves if they want to pay that much money on top or not.

Once you have chosen a design on the official website, it won’t take long for the gaming chair to arrive. As so often, it is recommended to have a second person as support for the assembly. However, I personally was able to assemble the chair myself without any problems. In fact, it felt like it took longer to unwind the packing materials than it did to assemble the chair myself.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test

During the assembly, I noticed that Quersus has done a very good preparatory work. For example, the manufacturer not only made sure to place the pre-assembled screws in place. On top of that, the chair has integrated cranks that make tightening them very easy. So you can safely leave your tools in the box. In total, thanks to good assembly instructions, it only took me a little over 30 minutes.

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Quersus ICOS Edition One review: design goes for understatement

Once set up, of course, you want to take a seat quickly. But before that happens, let’s first take a look at the appearance. And from my point of view, it scores with a pleasantly unagitated design. Unlike other manufacturers, the ICOS is quite inconspicuous and looks robust at the same time. Our test model comes in a chic combination of black and anthracite.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test

While the sections in dark gray are made of high-quality fabric, the black sections come in soft faux suede. The company lettering is emblazoned on the headrest, while the name ICOS can be read on the backrest. It is also indicated here that it is the Edition One. However, I noticed a small point of criticism after a short time. Thus, the black faux suede attracts dust and other dirt almost magically. After my dog once ran along the chair, the first light hair already gathered on it.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test

So you should have a lint brush handy. Alternatively, reach for another color. The rest of the gaming chair also makes a robust and very well-made impression. Quersus uses high-quality aluminum for the base. This optimally combines stability and a light weight. The chic casters are a highlight. Here, Quersus not only relies on a hollow design that is reminiscent of a ball bearing. On top of that, the wheels drive smoothly and, above all, quietly over the ground.

Quersus ICOS Edition One review: ergonomics meets seating comfort

Now the time has finally come to take a seat on the chic gaming chair. At the same time, the ICOS is a real comfort wonder. At first glance, the seat seems rather hard than soft. But when I sat down on the gaming chair, I was taught better. Of course, you’re not sitting on a leather couch with a spring core. Nevertheless, the seat is extremely comfortable. I would most likely describe it as medium-firm. As a result of this concept, I didn’t experience any back pain even after several days of sitting for several hours. Finally, the seat kept me in an upright position thanks to its padding.

Of course, it is important to adjust the chair to your personal body measurements. In addition to the seat height, the seat depth can also be adjusted. In addition, the angle of inclination can be increased to up to 140 degrees. Similar to Recaro, Quersos also relies on an integrated lumbar support. For some, this may not be big enough. I personally found it extremely comfortable. However, this was certainly also due to the fact that it nestled perfectly against my back. Since it can’t be adjusted, you simply have to hope that your body shape harmonizes with the ICOS.

Quersus ICOS Edition One Test

During the test, the gaming chair scored with smooth operation. The backrest and seat could be optimally adjusted. We did not notice any creaking or other negative effects. Thus, the ICOS can be optimally adjusted to one’s own seating needs. What applies to the back also applies to the headrest. You can adjust the height of the headrest. Personally, the padding was absolutely sufficient. However, I can imagine that some would have liked a little more padding. Still, the seating comfort here is significantly higher than a Vertagear PL4800 (test).

Of course, when we talk about adjustment options, we can’t leave out the 4D armrests. As the name suggests, you can not only adjust them to the left and right or front and back. They can also be adjusted in height. The adjustment is a bit less smooth than with the other components. But even if you need a bit more force to make adjustments here, the system doesn’t feel unstable at any point.


The Quersus ICOS Edition One left an exceedingly positive impression in our test. The gaming chair scored particularly well in the supreme discipline, seating comfort. Even several hours at a stretch were no problem, which is certainly due to the medium-firm upholstery. However, it should be said that a comfortable seat is always a subjective matter. That’s not the only reason why you should definitely try out the ICOS. The non-adjustable lumbar support also requires you to take a seat here first before you blindly strike. Apart from the lumbar support, however, the seat scores with many adjustment options that allow for a tailor-made adaptation to your own body shape. While the high build quality and the high-quality materials justify the high price, I would like to see an urgent improvement in the packaging. Quersus definitely needs to think more ecologically here.

Quersus ICOS Edition One

Value for money


The Quersus ICOS Edition One offers maximum seating comfort that many competitors cannot match.

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