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SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test: E-Bike for On- and Off-Road

A glance at daily road traffic quickly reveals that the number of cyclists has increased significantly in recent months. This is not just because people are giving up their cars for the sake of the environment, their wallets and their physical fitness. If you take a closer look, you will quickly see that there are also many e-bikes among the two-wheelers. These enable a more comfortable and faster ride through urban areas. This means you can reach your destination quickly without beads of sweat on your forehead. A popular manufacturer of bicycles in general and e-bikes in particular is SachsenRad. The Leipzig-based bike manufacturer is now launching a new model that should be able to score points both on urban asphalt and in the hilly pampas. In the SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV test, we want to take a closer look at the electrifying two-wheeler.

Technical data

Color Black
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Tires KENDA on- and off-road wide tires, 27.5″ x 2.4″
Shift Shimano 7-speed derailleur
Brake Hydraulic disc brake
Engine SachsenRAD XCruise V7 mid-motor (36V, 250W), 70NM, with torque sensor
Speed Up to 25km/h, speed sensor
Battery 36V /13 Ah Li-ion battery (468 Wh)
Range 130 km maximum range in ECO mode
Stand Rear stand (aluminum)
Special features TFT color LCD control display, pedelec riding mode, LED front light, alarm rear light with integrated brake light, mudguard, luggage rack
Total weight 145 kg gross vehicle weight
Price € 1,899.00 *

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV test: unboxing and setup

Meanwhile, we were already allowed to take one or the other e-bike under the magnifying glass. What they all had in common so far was that they arrived in huge packages via freight forwarding. The SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV offers a pleasant change. So I was not a little surprised when a conventional DHL truck drove up for the delivery. The carton containing the e-bike is pleasantly light and compact. However, my fear of the assembly was all the greater. After all, you expect a small box also many individual parts that still want to be assembled.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

But fortunately this was not the case. The rear wheel including shifting technology is already on the frame. The front wheel, the handlebars, the pedals, the saddle, the front plate and the matching lamp still have to be mounted. Now the bike is already roadworthy and complies with the legal requirements to be allowed to participate in road traffic. However, if you want protection from thieves, you can add the optional anti-theft device on top of that.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

On the whole, the assembly was pleasingly simple. Only the saddle caused me some trouble. This is ex works namely not yet connected to the seat post. You have to do this yourself during assembly. Many competitors make it much easier for you here by delivering the whole thing pre-assembled. Some people might be happy to accept this in order to benefit from the space savings and thus the pleasantly compact format of the package. In itself, this would not be a problem if SachsenRad had a suitable manual for assembling the saddle. In the otherwise pleasingly comprehensive instruction manual, however, there is unfortunately nothing to be found in this regard.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV test: design and workmanship

  • Design is simple and elegant
  • High quality of workmanship
  • Aluminum frame

Let’s start with the looks first. If the e-bike is fully assembled it scores itself with a cool and pleasingly restrained design. Among other things, the black frame color ensures this. This is certainly a matter of taste, but I like it very much. However, those who are interested in the bike but find the color a no-go will have to put up with it. After all, the Leipzig-based bicycle manufacturer does not offer its e-bike in any other color variant so far.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

By the way, the light brown color accents that appear on the saddle, tires and grips provide for a neat loosening up. In interaction, this makes for a noble design that knows how to please. Incidentally, it’s not just the color that’s unconventional. The frame shape is also only available as a low step-in or ladies’ bike. In practice, however, this makes for a comfortable climb onto the bike. That the bike is an e-bike, laymen will probably not be able to recognize at first glance.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

Finally, the battery cannot be seen immediately. SachsenRad conveniently places it in the frame. It can be easily removed, so you can charge it in your home without having to transport the whole bike. But if you want to charge your bike at an outdoor outlet or live on the first floor anyway, you don’t have to. So there is also a power outlet here, with the help of which you can charge the battery in the installed state.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV test: extensive equipment

  • Manufacturer includes mudguards, lighting system, luggage rack and bike stand
  • Luggage rack only works in combination to the included tension strap

That it is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) can be seen again by the thick tires of the well-known brand KENDA. More precisely, these are KENDA on- and off-road wide tires in the massive dimensions of 27.5″ x 2.4″. These definitely make for a cool look. Whether they are also conducive to riding comfort, we clarify later. The frame is made entirely of aluminum, which makes the e-bike no lightweight, but it can be carried a few steps.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

If you’re looking for a lightweight e-bike, then you’d better look at models like an Urtopia Carbon One (test). There is nothing to complain about in the build quality of all components. There is no creaking or cracking at any point. I would also like to praise the extensive equipment. So you get here with luggage rack, bike stand and fender actually everything you need for everyday life on two wheels. Optionally, a front luggage rack can also be retrofitted at the front.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV test: technology

  • Mid-engine with 70 Nm power
  • Torque sensor ensures smooth acceleration
  • Battery can be removed

When it comes to technology, SachsenRad doesn’t let itself be left behind. At the heart of the e-bike is an XCruise V7 mid-motor. The manufacturer’s own designed motor scores with a very good torque of 70 Nm. The interaction with the installed torque sensor is particularly practical. This recognizes exactly the force that you put into the pedal. Based on this, the engine gives you more or less support.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

The best example is certainly starting uphill. Here, the thighs can sometimes burn. In this case, the sensor registers that you are currently fighting with all your might and gives you more support accordingly. In practice, this proves to be extremely reliable. Depending on which of the five support levels you choose, you get additional thrust from the motor.

By the way, not only you benefit from the sensor technology. The battery also benefits. After all, the harmonious cooperation of battery and motor is said to save 30 percent of the battery capacity. As befits a modern e-bike, the E-SUV from SachsenRad naturally also comes with a practical display.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

On the 2 inch IPS-LCD color display you can see the most important information like battery level and speed. There are even maintenance reminders. If you are interested, it is best to take a look at the complete range of functions in the manual. Due to the use of tempered glass, the display is protected against the damaging penetration of water and dirt according to IP65. To the left of the display are the corresponding control buttons, both of which shine with a great pressure point and make operation very simple and self-explanatory. In the test, the display scored with very good legibility even in bright sunshine.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test: Equipped for any terrain

  • Riding comfort on asphalt and off-road
  • Suspension, saddle and thick tires reliably absorb many bumps
  • Hydraulic disc brakes act quickly and powerfully

Of course, there are “E-SUVs” that come along significantly more bulky. An example would be the Himiway Zebra (test) or the Eleglide Tankroll (test) recently tested by us. But that by no means means that the C5 Centro SUV is a loser off-road. Rather, it can be described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Off the paved road, it scores with great off-road capabilities.

Sachsenrad C5 Centro SUV Test

Whether you’re riding through mud and gravel or over hilly root tracks. The e-bike proves to be a great companion here. But it’s not just the powerful motor that ensures this. The other components also benefit the two-wheeler here. For one thing, there are the thick tires from KENDA. These always provide the best grip.

Sachsenrad C5 Centro SUV Test

On top of that, the hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you quickly come to a stop again after a downhill ride. Furthermore, the suspension fork does a great job. This you can regulate the hardness to your liking. Last but not least, you feel during rides over hill and dale that the robust frame always provides the necessary stability in the saddle.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV test: alarm system with remote control

But the technical components also provide the best conditions in the city. Thus, the e-bike has a pleasingly bright LED lighting on the front as well as the back. The red rear light also offers a brake light function, which ensures greater safety, especially in heavy city traffic. Speaking of safety. The C5 Centro SUV comes with a handy alarm system.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test

This protects your e-bike from theft. If a thief should try to steal the bike, a loud siren reacts immediately. We have tried this for you once. The noise was deafeningly loud and should quickly drive thieves away. In addition to the siren, the rear light flashes rhythmically. To arm the alarm system, you simply use the included remote control.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV Test: Driving Experience

After a few hours in the saddle of the SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV, I can attest to the e-bike a very pleasant driving experience. This is not only ensured by the pleasantly padded as well as ventilated seat. The front wheel suspension also allows the rider to ride over asphalt and gravel roads in an exhilarating manner. The mid-engine is pleasantly quiet and also scores with a very direct support. This is very pleasant in practice, since many other e-bikes react to every pedal stroke with a real push.

The endurance is also impressive. The 468 Wh battery lasts up to 130 km in eco mode. That is definitely enough for a weekend bike ride. However, depending on the weight of the rider and the use of the Boost mode, the range can only be half as far. Once the battery is empty and there is no outlet nearby, the bike can also be ridden without electric assistance without any problems. Here you can feel that bike experts were at work.

During the ride, I also noticed the pleasingly soft hand grips, which felt great even on longer rides. I was a little disappointed by the “luggage rack”. This is in fact more of a holding device with a matching tensioning strap. Last but not least, the transmission should be mentioned. The 7-speed Shimano gearshift did a great job during the test period and always changed gears smoothly and reliably.


The SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV is a real jack-of-all-trades. Thus, the stylish city bike feels right at home both in urban areas and on hilly slopes. But you don’t have to put up with the exaggerated looks that some other off-road bikes with electric motors have. Instead, the e-bike acts like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Saddle, motor, suspension and stable frame always provide an extra portion of riding comfort. The range of up to 130 km makes longer bike tours possible without any problems. Great workmanship and high-quality materials promise a long service life. Anyone looking for an all-rounder for off-road and on-road should definitely take a closer look at the SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV.

SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV

Wormanship & design
Ride comfort
Value for money


The SachsenRad C5 Centro SUV is a really good e-bike that shines with all-round capabilities at a fair price.

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