Electric mobility has long since conquered our road traffic. But with the number of new electric car launches that seem to come along every week, it’s easy to forget about the e-bike market. Yet this is almost as exciting. With the Decathlon Magic Bike, for example, a really chic and above all practical e-bike study has just been presented. Anyone who wants electric assistance but is too attached to their old bike should also take a look at the Skarper Kit. This is due to go on sale in 2023 and will be able to turn any conventional bike into an e-bike. If you don’t want to wait that long for your new e-bike experience, GOGOBEST now has many different models available in its extensive sale. There are folding bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes with electric drives. Maybe you will find the right one here.

GOGOBEST GF300: Compact folding bike for the city

Forget everything you learned about folding bikes. The GOGOBEST GF300 has namely nothing more to do with the rickety models of many other manufacturers. The massive 20×4.0 wheels already make that clear. With three different riding modes you can choose exactly the support you need. In Pedels mode, you use your own leg power for propulsion. In power-assisted mode, the 1000-watt motor supports you at 50 percent. If you want to take it easy or have a challenging climb ahead of you, you can choose Electric Mode. Here, the bike takes over the work and even overcomes inclines of up to 35 degrees.


Thanks to the powerful drive, the folding bike, which can carry up to 120 kg, reaches up to 35 km/h. Overview of speed and mode offers you the clear multifunction display. But do not worry! The double-disc brakes will reliably bring you to a halt even at high speeds. Other safety features are the integrated lights in the form of front and rear lights.


So you won’t be overlooked even in the dark. If the 12.5 Ah battery should ever be empty, you charge it conveniently at the socket thanks to its removable design. Despite its packed features, the GOGOBEST GF300 can of course be folded into a wonderfully compact size. It then measures just 90 cm x 75 cm x 37 cm. Thanks to the aluminum frame, it also weighs very little. You can secure the GOGOBEST GF300 with the code NAE9YY8 on the official website at a savings of 150 euros for just 1179.99 euros. It even comes with a Mi Band 5 to document your sporting successes.

GOGOBEST GF600: Ready for every mountain

Are you looking for an electric mountain bike? Then the GOGOBEST GF600 is probably more for you. It relies on a lightweight but powerful aluminum motor that offers 1000 watts. This offers you with a total of five different riding modes always exactly the support you need. You can switch between the different modes with the help of the practical 5-inch multifunction instrument. The display, which is protected against dust and water according to IP54 standard, also shows the most important parameters of your ride.


To ensure that dirt and mud do not harm the frame of the GOGOBEST GF600, the manufacturer relies on a resistant aluminum alloy. This can not only handle dirt well, but also makes the bike pleasingly light on top of that. With the large 26×4.0 wheels, you’ll also experience a high level of riding comfort on uneven paths and roads. The ergonomically shaped seat also ensures a high level of comfort. Since nothing hurts even after long tours.


And they’re definitely in there, thanks to the large battery pack. If you set a full electric assist, the GOGOBEST GF600 will last up to 45 km. With a partial support, even up to 110 km are possible. The GOGOBEST GF600 is currently available on the official website at a price of 1329.99 euros instead of 1399.99 euros. To do so, simply enter the code 5HJMPCWNB7K3.

BEZIOR M1 Pro: e-bike for the city

Tired of the miserable search for parking space for your car? Then you should look for a fast and convenient alternative for the city. The BEZIOR M1 Pro could be just the right e-bike for you. Here, too, you get a 1000 watt motor that gets you from A to B quickly and comfortably. With a maximum speed of 25 km/h you are often faster than by car on the crowded streets of the city center.


The 12.5 Ah battery ensures that you can cover a range of up to 100 km on the chic e-city bike. If the battery is empty, you can remove it quickly and easily and recharge it in the socket. The BEZIOR M1 Pro looks a lot more graceful than the two GOGOBEST bikes. This is due in part to the thinner wheels, which measure 27.5×2.25 inches.


While it may not be a mountain bike, it has surprisingly good climbing capabilities. Even climbs of 35 percent are said to be no problem for the BEZIOR M1 Pro. With the code 5HJMPCWNB7K3 you can save 70 euros on the BEZIOR M1 Pro at GOGOBEST. Then just 979.99 euros for the attractive and powerful e-bike for the city.

More e-bikes in the sale

In addition to our three featured highlights, GOGOBEST also offers other e-bikes. We have compiled these once in a table for you.

Name Price Coupon code
BEZIOR XF200 1299.99 euros (MSRP: 1449.99 euros) NAE9YY8
BEZIOR X1500 1429.99 euros (MSRP: 1499.99 euros) 5HJMPCWNB7K3
LANKELEISI 1732.99 euros (MSRP: 1832.99 euros) TEFPTB32YNEE
GOGOBEST GF700 1399.99 euros (MSRP: 1549.99 euros) NAE9YY8
BEZIOR X1000 1379.99 euros (MSRP: 1429.99 euros) 2HJ273X8MA9F
BEZIOR X500 PRO 935.99 euros (MSRP: 985.99 euros) P6CZFNWDM1MS
NIUBILITY B14 584.99 euros (MSRP: 619.99 euros) 06E4MZ3TJC6K
JANOBIKE E20 1149,99 Euro (MSRP: 1299,99 Euro) NAE9YY8
NIUBILITY B26 1249.99 euros (MSRP: 1399.99 euros) NAE9YY8
BEZIOR M2 PRO 979.99 euros (MSRP: 1049.99 euros) 5HJMPCWNB7K3
LANKELEISI X2000 PLUS 1199,99 Euro (MSRP: 1269,99 Euro) 5HJMPCWNB7K3
BEZIOR xf800 1899.99 euros (MSRP: 1999.99 euros) TX56QAZYA5MZ
BEZIOR xf001 1319.99 euros (MSRP: 1419.99 euros) TX56QAZYA5MZ
BEZIOR XF900 1399.99 euros (MSRP: 1499.99 euros) TX56QAZYA5MZ
BEZIOR M26 879.99 euros (MSRP: 899.99 euros) JC3Z86W99EK1
AVAKA BZ20 959.99 euros (MSRP: 1009.99 euros) TEFPTB32YNEE

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Electric mobility has long since conquered our road traffic. But with the number of new electric car launches that seem to come along every week, it’s easy to forget about the e-bike market. Yet this is almost as exciting. With the Decathlon Magic Bike, for example, a really chic and above all practical e-bike study … (Weiterlesen...)

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