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Yeedi Vac 2 Pro in the test: What can the price-performance cracker?

Vacuum robots are now almost a dime a dozen. As a newcomer to the smart home sector, you can be overwhelmed. After all, it is difficult to keep track of the many different providers. Yeedi has always been one of the most successful manufacturers with its comparatively inexpensive vacuums. The company’s smart household helpers usually score with a good value for money. With the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro, the smart home expert is now launching its latest vacuum. Whether the practical cleaning aid lives up to its epithet Pro, we want to clarify today in a detailed test.

Technical details

Name Yeedi Vac 2 Pro
Suction power 3,000 pascals
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh
Battery life About 240 minutes at lowest setting (manufacturer’s specification)
Water tank 180 ml
Dust tank 420 ml
Features Wiping function, carpet detection, compatibility with suction station
Operation Yeedi app allows individual cleaning
Price € 285.39 (€ 114.16 / l)*

Scope of delivery

As with other manufacturers of vacuum robots, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro also keeps the scope of delivery within limits. In addition to the vacuum itself, there is on the one hand the obligatory rotating side brush, which is plugged into the device.

You also get a docking station here where the Vac 2 Pro regenerates its battery. Along with that comes a five-meter power cord. The whole thing is rounded out with the wiping unit along with a matching replacement cloth.

The vacuum station comes with matching tools, a wet floor protector and a spare dust bag.

If you open the vacuum itself, there are suitable helpers for cleaning the device with the brush and the small knife, which should help against stuck hair. This is not much, but honestly you do not need more.

Design and workmanship

Those who know other vacuum robots from Yeedi will also be able to immediately assign the Vac 2 Pro to the manufacturer. This is not only due to the company logo emblazoned on the top. The manufacturer once again relies on the classic design of its robot vacuum line. This already starts with the side brush. While other manufacturers rely on two pieces here, Yeedi joins renowned companies like Roborock and considers one side brush sufficient.

Connoisseurs of Yeedi will also be able to assign the Vac 2 Pro to the manufacturer right away

A look at the underside also makes it clear that Yeedi obviously does not want to make any false experiments. This starts with the sensors, which are not only used for orientation in space, but also to prevent falls. The wheels also rely on the strong profile, which we already know from other models. If you take a closer look at the underside, you can also see the slots where the suction station collects the collected dirt. But more about that later.

On the underside is the wiping unit, which Yeedi has modified

Yeedi does not experiment with the main brush either. The manufacturer relies here on a classic bristly brush, which is just predestined to collect pet hair. If you have long-haired animal roommates, you can expect frequent cleaning. Fortunately, the unit can be easily removed and freed from hair. Consequently, cleaning costs time, but not nerves.

Dog and cat owners beware: Unfortunately, pet hair likes to get caught in the main brush.

I think it’s a shame Yeedi hasn’t updated his brush. After all, Roborock, for example, clearly demonstrates how to prevent coiled pet hair in its latest models. The S7, as well as the Q7 Max, offer a main brush made entirely of rubber flaps, preventing hairs from winding up in the first place.

Under the lid are the dust bin, main switch and cleaning tool.

But there are also differences from other Yeedi vacuums. For this, you just have to take a very close look at the top of the device. For example, the manufacturer has slightly changed the shape of the lid. However, this has not resulted in more than optical changes. Accordingly, when it comes to the control panel and the dirt bin, owners of another Yeedi vacuum cleaner will immediately feel at home.

The bumper at the front has been given a new, redesigned sensor unit.

A look from the side makes it clear that Yeedi has revised the front compared to other models. Especially in the area of the so-called bumper, which is supposed to prevent collisions, a lot has changed. While the manufacturer relied on a continuous sensor bar in other vacuum robots, the sensors are now hidden behind some small windows. This probably suggests that Yeedi has made a few modifications in terms of orientation.

The mop and mop water tank now form a single unit.

When talking about innovations, you can’t leave out the wiper unit. This Yeedi has obviously also revised. In older models, you could only plug and unplug the plate along with the cloth. Now the wiping unit lives up to its name. Here, the water tank and wiping cloth can only be mounted or removed as a single part. What changes this brings in use, we clarify later.

Setup and app use

Even with the Yeedi Mac 2 Pro, setting up the robot vacuum is anything but a witch’s work. Here, the company remains true to its user-friendliness. There is a QR code on the smart household helper that you can hardly miss. Pull out your smartphone, scan it, download the app, and you’re ready to go. After you have created an account, you have to add the robot vacuum cleaner as a new device. Step by step, the smartphone app helps you add the Vac 2 Pro to your home network. This uncomplicated setup is not achieved by any other device on the market except Roborock.

The Yeedi app is available for iOS and Android. (Image: Apple App Store)

Yeedi users won’t experience any surprises within the app either. The manufacturer still relies on its classic basic framework. The main menu gives you an overview of your registered devices. If you now select the Vac 2 Pro, for example, a kind of submenu opens that offers the model-specific features. Since we were already able to test a device from the manufacturer with the Yeedi Mop Station (test), comparisons can be made here. Thus, it is now possible with the Vac 2 Pro to also determine a hallway within the map. Unfortunately, room separation is still not possible within the app. The app from Roborock makes it clear how this can work.

Thanks to its flat design, the Vac 2 Pro can easily drive under flat furniture.

Otherwise, the app offers custom cleaning settings. So you can determine for each room, with which suction or wiping strength should be cleaned. The Vac 2 Pro has a total of three different suction levels. It is practical that you can now also decide whether only vacuuming, only wiping or both should be performed, just like with Roborock. You do not only benefit from this if you send the vacuum robot into a room with a lot of carpet. In my experience, the end result looks better when you vacuum first and then wipe again than when you do both at the same time. All in all, I really like the app. Yeedi offers the most important customization options and also allows, for example, the targeted cleaning of certain rooms or areas defined in the app.

Effective prevention of collisions

Although the Vac 2 Pro has a reliable bumper that is supposed to prevent damage as a result of collisions, Yeedi goes one step further. The manufacturer has equipped its vacuum robot with a special technology that detects its surroundings in three dimensions. This enables the Vac 2 Pro to recognize obstacles in its path and avoid them in time. In practice, this proves to be extremely useful. After all, you no longer have to worry about the smart household helper pushing shoes, children’s toys, remote controls or a pet’s food bowl around the entire apartment. Instead, it simply avoids them.

The robot vacuum also measures the distances between the floor and furniture. This helps Yeedi avoid the problem of other manufacturers, where the robot vacuum sometimes gets stuck under furniture. While this may not be a problem for sideboards with a small depth, it can sometimes become a test of nerves for long furniture such as the bed or the couch. Thanks to the distance measurement, this cannot happen with the Vac 2 Pro. So you don’t have to fear getting stuck with subsequent damage to the vacuum.

If you want to use the Yeedi in a duplex apartment or a multi-story house, you don’t have to worry about the robot vacuum falling. After all, the Vac 2 Pro has fall sensors on the underside that prevent imminent falls. In practice, Yeedi was able to keep its promises. The Vac 2 Pro reliably avoided all obstacles in the test and did not suffer from any falls down stairs. Only very flat objects like magazines were missed by the Vac 2 Pro from time to time. However, there is no real risk of damage in this case anyway. The combination of sensors and cameras ensures that the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro can be started remotely without fear of damage and does not need to be monitored.

Suction test

Let’s move on to the supreme discipline – the suction and wiping performance. Here, we first want to take a look at the skills as a smart vacuum cleaner. In addition to performance, the orientation of the robot vacuum cleaner naturally plays an important role when it comes to the end result. After all, it has to be able to recognize its surroundings as well as possible. Once again, Yeedi does not rely on a high-quality LiDAR sensor for its Vac 2 Pro, such as the models from Roborock. Instead, the manufacturer installs a camera that is directed upwards. This is quite smart, since the vacuum cleaner can capture the floor plan of your apartment via the ceiling dimensions. The big advantage of this is that furniture is not included in the floor plan.

The camera unit films the ceiling and maps the room in this way.

Another advantage over the LiDAR sensor is its much smaller size. Since Yeedi can do without the typical tower in which the corresponding laser technology is hidden, the Vac 2 Pro also fits under flat furniture. If the vacuum robot encounters obstacles like furniture during its maiden voyage, it lightly touches them with its bumper and keeps them as objects in the map. The cleaning system is no magic trick. While Roborock first scours the edges and then cleans the center in S-curves, Yeedi does it the other way around.

There are more sensors on the side to avoid collisions

Here, the center of the room is first cleaned with parallel paths and finally the edges are cleared of dust. This worked very well in practice. Thus, the Mac 2 Pro did not show any confusion at any time. And the results are really impressive. On both the parquet and tile floors, the Vac 2 Pro left a clean overall impression in the test. Only in the corners of my apartment did the small vacuum have to admit defeat from time to time. However, this problem is common to almost all vacuum robots and can be traced back to the typical round design.

Even long pile carpets are no problem for the Vac 2 Pro.

By now almost standard, but always amazing to me, is the automatic carpet detection. This is also used on the Vac 2 Pro and ensures that the vacuum automatically maximizes its performance as soon as it drives over a carpet. In the end result, the Yeedi left amazingly good results even on my long-floor carpet. This leaves the Vac 2 Pro with a very good impression on me in terms of suction performance.

Mopping test

Since I can call the Roborock S7 with its vibrating wiping unit and resulting great wiping results my own, other vacuum wiping robots regularly disappoint me. Finally, you can feel that many manufacturers are forced to integrate a wiping function. This then usually results in poor cleaning results, which is not surprising in view of a simple rag that is dragged behind.

The wiping unit on the Vac 2 Pro does a particularly good job on tile.

Unfortunately, many older vacuum wipers from Yeedi also relied on the principle of a static wipe. Now, however, the manufacturer has rethought its Vac 2 Pro. The wiping unit of the latest robot vacuum cleaner has been completely redesigned. Here, it is no longer just the mop itself that can be removed, but the entire wiping unit, including the mop. Yeedi had to do this to give the mopping process more power. So even with the Vac 2 Pro, the mop is no longer just static on the floor.

Instead, there is now a motor inside the unit that provides shaking motions similar to Roborock’s Q7 Max. In the end result, you can observe a good mopping performance, which (apart from the Mop Station) is the best of Yeedi’s vacuum robots so far. However, nothing has changed in the basic principle. So you fill the water tank with water, which is then passed to the mop. You can set the flow rate in the app. While tiles tolerate a lot of moisture, you should be a little more economical on wooden floors.

Much comfort with suction station

A vacuuming robot should first and foremost make life easier. However, if you have a large apartment and insist on daily cleaning trips, you have to empty such a small household helper at least once a week. This is where the practical suction station comes into play, which Yeedi sent us to go with the Vac 2 Pro. This takes over the work of the conventional docking station and, on top of that, sucks up the collected dirt from the robot vacuum. And what can I say? Once you’ve had a suction station, you don’t want to do without it. It is simply practical and above all hygienic that the Vac 2 Pro is emptied after each run.

That’s where I put up with the loud suction noises, reminiscent of a classic vacuum cleaner on maximum setting, without complaining. After all, the whole process only takes a few seconds. If you take a look inside the Vac 2 Pro after vacuuming, it quickly becomes clear that the station does a great job. Nothing remains here, except for a few small stubborn dust particles. Yeedi itself promises that the suction station with its 2.5 liter dust bag only needs to be cleaned about once a month. This makes the suction station the perfect addition.


Yeedi has done a lot right with its Vac 2 Pro. In doing so, the manufacturer has certainly rested on its laurels in many places. After all, especially in the construction has not really done anything. However, since there is nothing to complain about, this would have been surprising. But Yeedi also shows courage for new things in some areas. For one, there is the new navigation option via ceiling scan. This is an exciting concept that can’t keep up with LiDAR sensors, but it’s obviously an inexpensive alternative. There is also nothing to complain about in terms of setup and operation.

Thanks to the self-explanatory app, the robot vacuum is set up and ready for use in no time. The option to set cleaning processes individually is also praiseworthy and especially important in apartments with many different floors. I like the robot vacuum best in the supreme discipline – the suction test. No matter whether tiles, parquet or carpet. The Vac 2 Pro frees every floor from debris. Only a few dust particles remain in the corners from time to time. But that can be tolerated. I already knew that the devices from Yeedi have a great suction power.

However, I was really surprised when wiping the Vac 2 Pro. Here, Yeedi has completely revised its wiping unit and that was worth it! Now the wiping plate no longer just rests statically on the floor, but delivers a much better clean thanks to the shaking motion. Anyone considering the Vac 2 Pro should also think about buying the suction station. This makes the smart household helper the perfect cleaning aid for your own four walls. Since you only have to empty it once a month, it maximizes user convenience.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

Suction power
Wiping performance
Value for money


The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is a real price-performance hit, which is a very good vacuum robot with a surprisingly effective wiping function, especially in combination with the suction station.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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