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EZVIZ RE4 test: A low-budget tip?

Anyone looking for a robot vacuum these days will be inundated with offers on the internet and in retail stores. Consumers usually only have two options. Either you go for a cheap product with outdated navigation and poor cleaning performance or you have to spend a lot of money and opt for a flagship model with a separate base station that vacuums the robot hoover and possibly also cleans its mopping unit. In the EZVIZ RE4 test, I took a look at a smart household helper that comes without a separate station, but with advanced navigation and solid suction power. And all this at a presentable price-performance ratio. Does the plan work?

Technical data

Suction capacity 4.000 Pascal
Suction levels Four levels
Wiping stages Four levels
Rechargeable battery 4.930 mAh battery (up to 240 min runtime)
Navigation LDS LiDAR
Obstacle detection IR sensors
Dimensions and weight 345 x 345 x 95 mm and 3.1 kg
Price In a bundle with suction station: € 299.99 *

EZVIZ RE4 test: Scope of delivery

ezviz re4 test

  • Charging station
  • Power cable
  • 2x filters (1x built-in)
  • 2x side brushes (1x built-in)
  • Cleaning tool
  • 2x wipes (1x fitted)
  • Operating instructions

EZVIZ RE4 test: design and workmanship

The robot vacuum measures 345 x 345 x 95 mm, weighs just under 3.1 kg and thus corresponds to the typical dimensions of common models with LiDAR turrets on the top. This small elevation on the top houses LDS LiDAR, the technology responsible for navigation. We will explain what it is capable of later.

ezviz re4 test

The RE4 can also be operated in a rudimentary way using the two buttons on the top. One button is used to start or pause a cleaning process. The other button sends the smart household helper back to its charging station. Unfortunately, there is no additional button for area cleaning, as offered by some competitors.

ezviz re4 test

IR sensors are located on the sides of the R4 to prevent collisions by scanning obstacles at close range. At the back are the charging contacts and the combi container, in which the dust container and water container are combined. There is also a toggle switch that you can use to switch the device on and off.

ezviz re4 test

There is also a side brush on the underside, which is designed to skillfully remove dirt from corners. It’s a shame that EZVIZ doesn’t use two brushes here. The main brush, which consists of a combination of rubber fins and bristles, is also located here.

ezviz re4 test

Depending on whether you want to use the wiping function or not, there is also a wiping cloth on the underside. All in all, the EZVIZ RE4 impresses with its really high-quality workmanship.

ezviz re4 test

I have nothing to criticize here. Only the choice of material for the main brush is questionable. A solid rubber solution, like the one already offered by a Roborock S7 (test), would be much better at preventing tangled hairs.

EZVIZ RE4 test: Getting started

The big advantage of a robot vacuum without a suction or cleaning station is the lightning-fast setup. The appliance can also be positioned more flexibly. People who like to hide their household appliances will be particularly pleased with the flat dimensions of the robot and charging station. So there’s nothing to stop you hiding it under the sideboard.

ezviz re4 test

To start it up, first plug the charging station into the socket and place the robot vacuum in it. Then switch on the household helper using the toggle switch. Now take out your smartphone and download the EZVIZ app. The RE4 is added here as a new device. Simply scan the QR code on the device.

Once you have selected your WiFi and entered the corresponding password, you are ready to go. On its maiden voyage, the RE4 will then create a map of your home. Once the first journey is complete, you can view the map in the app. If you want to send the household helper on another cleaning tour afterwards, you should first fill the water tank and attach the mop.

EZVIZ RE4 test: EZVIZ app

The look and feel of the EZVIZ app may not be able to keep up with the applications of the industry kings Dreame and Roborock. Nevertheless, it proves to be pleasantly clear in practice. You can find the settings you really need straight away. The pivotal point here is the map that the robot creates on its first tour.

ezviz re4 test

No-go areas can be defined here, for example. I like to use this in my dog’s eating area. This way, he can eat his meal undisturbed without being bothered by the robot. Conversely, you can also use the app to define an area on the map that the robot should specifically clean.

ezviz re4 test

You can also set a cleaning schedule. This means you don’t have to send the EZVIZ RE4 on a cleaning tour every time. Instead, you can set days of the week and times when the household helper should clean your home. Ideally, you should choose a time when you are not at home.

ezviz re4 test

Then you can return to a freshly cleaned apartment after work. Last but not least, you can of course also set the cleaning settings yourself. You can choose from four different suction and wiping levels. You can also specify whether the vacuum cleaner should run once or twice.

EZVIZ RE4 test: Navigation and obstacle detection

As already mentioned, the EZVIZ relies on LDS LiDAR. This navigation technology, which was previously only used in flagships, is based on laser measurement. Not only is it extremely accurate, it also works in complete darkness. In tests, the LiDAR sensor proved to be very reliable.

ezviz re4 test

I was quite surprised by the accuracy of the robot vacuum. After it has swept the edge of a room, it moves in U-waves through the middle. The speed at which it moved through my apartment also made it clear that it knows its way around perfectly.

ezviz re4 test
Falls are avoided thanks to the sensors on the underside

However, you shouldn’t expect any great miracles from object detection. The RE4 does not rely on an optical solution here, but places IR sensors on the sides. You should therefore not necessarily leave cables or other flat objects on the floor. Otherwise they will be easily overlooked.

EZVIZ RE4 test: suction power

With a suction power of 4,000 Pascal, the EZVIZ RE4 is no muscle man. But in practice, I hardly noticed the difference in performance compared to the flagships. But that’s because I almost exclusively have hard floors at home. Here, dirt pick-up is generally guaranteed even without top performance.

ezviz re4 test

However, the wheat is separated from the chaff at the latest when it comes to carpeting. And unfortunately I also had to experience this with the RE4. Unfortunately, the smart household helper couldn’t get all the crumbs out of my carpet. More powerful models such as a Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat (test) proved to be significantly more powerful here.

ezviz re4 test
The RE4 overcomes door thresholds quite reliably

Another thing that really bothered me was the hair on the main brush. After just two cleaning trips, the hair of my two cats and my dog got tangled up. I don’t want to know what this looks like after ten trips. Fortunately, EZVIZ includes a cleaning tool with which the hair can be cut through and removed.

ezviz re4 test

However, a main brush made entirely of rubber would have solved the problem out of the box. Alternatively, EZVIZ could have chosen the strategy of the Eufy X10 Pro Omni (test). With this, the hair is simply combed out of the brush. This prevents them from getting tangled in the first place. However, if you don’t have pets, you’ll have a different opinion of this problem than I do.

EZVIZ RE4 test: Mopping performance

Nowadays, it seems impossible to bring a pure vacuum robot onto the market. For this reason, the EZVIZ RE4 also comes with a mopping function. In my opinion, however, the company could have done without the whole thing. After all, the manufacturer only relies on a rigid mopping surface that is only pulled along by the robot vacuum.

ezviz re4 test

Even with conventional stains, the mopping unit is therefore overwhelmed. The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (test), for example, shows how to do it right. Here, the mopping surface is not only pressed onto the floor. It also vibrates, which is equivalent to a mopping motion. If your home is very dirty, the RE4’s mopping function is actually a disadvantage.

ezviz re4 test
The combi tank has space for 300 ml of fresh water

As there is no cleaning station in which the wipe is freed from the dirt already collected at regular intervals, the wipe simply spreads the dirt around the home. You should therefore only use the whole thing when the rooms are free of dirt and you want to wipe over it again with a damp cloth as the icing on the cake.

EZVIZ RE4 test: battery and smart home

Incidentally, you can use more than just the two buttons on the RE4 itself and the EZVIZ app to operate the robot hoover. The smart household helper can also be integrated into your smart home. You can then control it conveniently with your voice via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

EZVIZ’s stamina figures are truly impressive. The robot vacuum is said to be able to last up to 240 minutes. Although this applies to the lowest setting, it is still a very good value. The almost 5,000 mAh battery installed by the manufacturer is responsible for the endurance.


With an RRP of just under 330 euros, the EZVIZ RE4 is almost a bargain in the robot vacuum sector. The price is possible because the manufacturer focuses on the essentials. And what the smart household helper can do, it does really well for the most part. It not only scores points with its stylish design and high-quality workmanship. It is also easy to set up and control. The EZVIZ app may not be pretty to look at, but it still offers a good overview. It also impresses in its showpiece discipline – vacuuming.

This is at least the case on hard floors. It lacks a little power for deep cleaning carpets. When it comes to navigation, the Robo performs well with its LiDAR sensor. Obstacle detection, on the other hand, is not exactly reliable for the price. In my opinion, EZVIZ could have done without the mopping function. But as we all know, having is better than needing. So the RE4 proves to be a suitable device for anyone who wants a robot vacuum without a lot of bells and whistles.


Design & workmanship
Ease of use
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The EZVIZ RE4 offers good suction power at a fair price.

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