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Dreame L10s Pro review: Top even without suction station?

Robot vacuums are certainly one of the biggest revolutions in the field of household appliances in recent years. While they were still unaffordable for many at the beginning, they have now also arrived in the households of the masses. The last major evolutionary step that robot vacuums have taken is the addition of a wiping function. In the meantime, you can hardly find a device in this product category that cannot vacuum and mop. However, an integrated wiping function by no means means means that the smart household helper also delivers great wiping results.

Dreame L10s Pro Test

There are some serious differences here. For example, in the lower price segment, you often only find rigid mop plates that can in no way keep up with a conventional mop. The Dreame L10s Pro takes a different approach. It does not have a mop plate, but two rotating mops on its underside. In today’s Dreame L10s Pro review, we want to take a closer look at what these are capable of and how the fully automatic suction mop performs.

Technical details

Technical details 5,300 Pa
Battery capacity 5,200 mAh
Water tank capacity 190 ml
Dust container capacity 450 ml
Navigation and sensing LiDAR sensor, 3D camera, crash sensors, carpet detection
Wipe function Two rotating wiping pads that are automatically raised 7mm for carpets
main brush Fully rubberized brush
Price € 499.00 *

Scope of delivery

Dreame L10s Pro Test

In addition to the vacuum itself, you will also find the charging station including the power cord, a side brush, the two wiping pads, a cleaning tool, and the instruction manual in the handy box.

Dreame L10s Pro review: design and workmanship

  • Classic circular shape
  • Black and gray
  • Lid is removable

It is chic, the mainly on the colors black and gray relying vacuum robot. At first glance, it is clear that Dreame relies on the classic circle design, which we already know from many other devices. This is also the case for the size. With a diameter of 35 cm, a height of 9.7 cm and a weight of 4.2 kg, it places itself in the midfield of vacuum robots. If you look at the top of the robot you glimpse the LiDAR sensor, which is the heart of orientation by day and night with laser navigation. 

Dreame L10s Pro Test

On top of that, there are three buttons here, but they only provide rudimentary control. You can use them to send the robot to its docking station, start or stop cleaning, and initiate a so-called zone cleaning.Dreame then takes a different approach than the competition when it comes to the maintenance flap. This cannot be opened via a classic flap mechanism, as we know it from the Roborock S7 (test), for example. Instead, the Xiaomi subsidiary relies on a magnetically attached lid that can be removed completely. This looks familiar from the Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI (test).

Whether you like it or not is up to you. Personally, I still prefer the classic maintenance hatch, since you don’t have to put it somewhere once you need access to the inside. And you have to do that regularly. After all, it’s not just the dust container with 450 ml capacity that’s located here. On top of that, Dreame sinks the water container here, which has room for 190 ml of fresh water. It’s not only the small capacity that the fresh water tank offers that’s a pity.

Dreame L10s Pro Test
Dust and water tanks are quickly removed

On top of that, I find it questionable that this cannot be conveniently pushed in from the back, as is the case with many other vacuum mops. Thus, you always have to remove the lid when refilling the water. Furthermore, the manufacturer hides a practical cleaning tool under the hood as well as the QR code, with the help of which you can integrate the smart household helper into the home network as well as use the app.

Rotating wiping pads and solid rubber brush on the bottom

  • Two rotating wiping pads on the bottom
  • Main brush is all rubber

A look at the front not only unearths the industry-typical bumper, which is supposed to protect robots and your furniture from damage. On top of that, Dreame installs a 3D camera here, which gets support from light to enable better obstacle detection. If you then turn the squeegee around once, it deviates from the norm once again. I am not talking about the fall sensors, which are supposed to prevent the smart household assistant from falling down stairs with the help of ultrasound and offer carpet detection. I’m talking about the two circular rotating wiping pads, which are magnetically attached.

Competitors in this price range tend to rely on rigid wiper plates. We’ll see if the slightly different design pays off later in the wipe test. The main brush also caught my eye positively. Dreame relies on a fully rubberized design here, just like its corporate brother in the Roborock S7. This has many advantages. The brush is not only easier to maintain and clean. On top of that, it copes better with pet hair and minimizes the risk of sucked-in cables or other small parts.

It’s not just in name that the Dreame L10s Pro is clearly reminiscent of the Dreame L10s Ultra (test). The two robots also resemble each other visually. Consequently, the difference between the two siblings cannot be seen when looking at the squeegee itself. This is identical in both versions. The smart household helper’s home is a different story. While the Dreame L10s Ultra comes with a station that not only frees the robot from collected dirt, but also ensures moistening and cleaning of the two wiping pads, the L10s Pro “only” has a conventional docking station. This can only supply the robot vacuum with new energy, but it also takes up much less space. So the L10s Pro can also be conveniently hidden under sideboards or other furniture.

Dreame L10s Pro review: setup and APP use

  • Setup via Dreamehome app
  • Card function with automatic room detection
  • Many cleaning settings

The setup is a breeze. For this, you just need to download the Dreamehome app. In the test, the app recognized the smart household helper right away. A few clicks later, I had integrated it into the network and the maiden voyage could begin. On its first tour through the apartment, the Dreame L10s Pro first creates a floor plan of your own four walls. In the map, you can then adjust the robot’s cleaning to your individual wishes.

This means that you can not only choose between four different powerful suction levels and three different powerful wiping levels here. Likewise, you can choose whether you want to vacuum, mop, or both. This adaptability is especially important for people who have different floors in their home. While I used the lowest mop level on my water-intolerant wood parquet floor, I used level 3 in my tiled kitchen as well as the bathroom.

You don’t have to set your preferences every time. Instead, you can assign the appropriate parameters to certain rooms in advance. If you start a cleaning in the following, every room will be cleaned as you have defined it. If you then specify that the robot vacuum should run at a certain time every day, the fully automatic cleaning is perfect. For carpeted floors, by the way, the carpet detection comes into play, which automatically sets the maximum suction level in motion.

If you don’t want that, you can disable it in the app. On top of that, you can also set up no-go areas within the floor plan that the squeegee should avoid. For example, places like the pet’s feeding area are ideal for this. Conversely, you can also let the Dreame L10s Pro clean specific zones. But of course, the vacuum can also be easily started and stopped or sent back to the docking station via the app.

Dreame L10s Pro review: navigation

  • LiDAR technology and obstacle detection
  • Small objects are sometimes overlooked

Dreame relies on a combination of laser technology and optical obstacle detection. For laser navigation, LiDAR sensors are used, which are located on the top of the robot vacuum. These keep track by day and night, as they use their lasers to ensure the vacuum’s orientation even in absolute darkness.

Dreame L10s Pro Test

To make sure it doesn’t “eat” LEGO bricks, cables and other odds and ends while driving around the house, the 3D camera including laser technology at the front is used for obstacle detection. In practice, at least the laser navigation works flawlessly. Thus, the Dreame L10s Pro skilfully bypasses obstacles without leaving too much distance to them, resulting in a minimum of uncleaned surfaces.

When it comes to very small objects on the floor, however, even he has to admit defeat. However, it is anything but alone with that, which is why we don’t want to chalk that up too negatively. Solving the problem of obstacle detection of small, flat objects will probably be the next big challenge for all robot vacuum manufacturers.

Dreame L10s Pro review: cleaning performance

  • Excellent suction and mopping performance
  • 5,300 pascals of suction
  • Rotating wiping pads are liftable (7 mm)
  • Carpet detection

Time for the supreme discipline – the suction and mopping performance. In this area, the smart household helper has convinced me completely. With its suction power of up to 5,300 pascals, it was able to reliably free my wood, tile and carpet floors from pet hair, dust and other dirt. In the process, it hardly left any places where it did not suck. Only in the corners could I see that there was a bit of room for improvement. Possibly a second side brush or a larger design of the existing would be worthwhile here.

I particularly liked the wiping performance of the Dreame L10s Pro. And here I was also very curious, as the Pro model is forced to go a different route than the Ultra model with suction and fresh water station. While the two rotating wiping pads in the Dreame L10s Ultra are moistened in the station, they get their water from the integrated water tank in the Pro model. So, since the pads here have to be moistened first, the wiping results in the first two to three minutes are not very good, but only good.

Once the two rotating mops are wet, however, the results are excellent. Especially on tiled floors, the suction mop convinced me completely. To solve the problem, I simply moistened the two pads beforehand under the tap. Then the mopping performance was very good from start to finish. By the way, on carpets, the Dreame L10s Pro can raise its mop pads by 7 mm to avoid wetness. Considering that many competitors merely avoid carpet when the wiping function is on, or even drive over it with a wet wiping surface, this is anything but a given and a very big advantage.

Dreame L10s Pro review: an enduring helper

  • 5,200 mAh large battery

A 5,200 mAh battery provides for endurance while vacuuming and wiping. This is equal to the battery capacity of the Dreame L10s Ultra, but the Pro model still cleans more area within the same time than its sibling with suction station.

Once the battery is empty, the small charging station provides new energy.

This is at least true when you activate the wipe function. The reason for this is that the Ultra always has to return to its station after a few square meters to have the pads re-moistened. Since the Pro has an integrated water tank, it doesn’t have to do this, saving a few meters of travel.

Dreame L10s Pro review: conclusion

It’s honestly hard for me to say a bad word about the Dreame L10s Pro. After all, the vacuuming and mopping robot scores in pretty much every discipline in my test. This already starts with the design and workmanship. You get a high-quality piece of technology with a chic look. I find the completely removable lid a bit impractical, but that is a matter of taste and should not be a negative factor. I also really liked the very easy setup and the many practical options offered by the app.

Dreame L10s Pro Test

When it comes to orientation, there is hardly anything better on the market at the moment either. Thus, the laser navigation does an excellent job. The obstacle detection via 3D camera shows weaknesses from time to time, but it usually works reliably as well. The smart household helper is beyond all doubt when it comes to cleaning performance. It vacuums and wipes like no squeegee with a conventional wiping plate can. In terms of price-performance, the Dreame L10s Pro is far ahead of its competitors.

Dreame L10s Pro

Workmanship & Design
Cleaning performance
Value for money


The Dreame L10s Pro convinces with terrific suction and mopping performance at an unbeatable price.

Dreame L10s Pro price comparison

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