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AOC Agon AG272FCX Review: 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

The curved monitor AOC Agon AG272FCX presents itself playfully even when viewed superficially. A striking design paired with LED lights on the back and the eye-catching curvature promises an extraordinary gaming screen.

AOC promises a well-equipped gaming monitor that is promoted with the pithy slogan “A weapon that makes the difference. Best image quality, great design and much more … to what extent the AG272FCX from AOC can deliver on these promises will be clarified in the following test.


The screen is conspicuous in the best literal sense. It stands almost majestically on a pedestal, bends strongly enough to attract all attention and is quite large. On the back, LED luminaires complete the impressive appearance. As usual in the gaming industry, the monitor is not stingy with optical stimuli.

If you’re looking for a classic gaming monitor that is optically eye-catching and looks extremely modern thanks to its curvature, then you’re not making a mistake in choosing the AG272FCX. Gamers of all colours should feel addressed by the tested device.

The curvature of the screen is conspicuous – but by no means unpleasant. Altogether, the first impression makes you want more, after all, it’s the inner values that count in the end.

Image Quality

The heart of the screen is – hardly surprisingly – its display. The beautiful appearance alone is not enough for a demanding gamer. So the image quality must also be convincing. The AG272FCX does this, but the 27 inch screen only has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In our opinion, this is too low a resolution for the 27-inch size, which already looks pixelated. For this screen size the resolution should be at least QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels).

The AG272FCX also goes its own way with the curvature, because the curvature is quite small. From other curved monitors one has the feeling to dive into the respective game. This is less the case here as the curvature is only 3000R. Nevertheless, it contributes slightly to focusing.

AOC relies on an MVA panel for this screen, which cannot offer the fast response times of TN screens. The advantage over TN screens is the lower viewing angle dependency.

Frame rate synchronization and 144 Hertz provide a very fluid gaming experience in the test – even in hectic scenes. Rich contrast, neutral colour rendering and even brightness distribution confirm the positive impression.

Schlieren formation, delays and other blurring are not noticeable in the test. The manufacturer’s promises to offer outstanding image quality are therefore kept overall. Even dark spots and flickering do not occur. FreeSync technology, flicker-free technology and “shadow control” offer the best services – more on that later.

The overall picture quality can therefore be described as convincing. Image errors or other defects do not show up in the test. AOC delivers a truly outstanding monitor in terms of image quality, which only has to make compromises in its resolution.


Screens are usually easy to operate without major difficulties. This also applies to the tested AG272FCX. It is controlled and configured via a small remote control that is connected to the back of the monitor via a cable. Operation is intuitive.

AOC Agon AG272FCX Remote Control
AOC Agon AG272FCX Remote Control

Further possibilities for individual influence on the screen are offered with regard to ergonomic settings. The monitor can be rotated, tilted and adjusted in height. This makes it easy for the user to adjust the screen to their preferred sitting position, height and other circumstances.

As expected, the overall operation is simple and meets the requirements that are usually placed on it. In short, it is practical and simple.


Since it is a gaming screen, there are many small special features, especially at the technical level, which should help to make playing not only a pastime but a real experience. Flickerfree technology and “Shadow Control” are two technologies that are quite common in the gaming sector and are also used in the AG272FCX. They allow playing without flickering and flickering of the screen and provide a brightening of darkened areas on the screen. In addition to these two useful extras, AOC trumps with various possible presets that can be selected by the user. These “presets” are designed for different gaming scenarios and game types. You can also save and recall your own settings.

While the two technologies first introduced in the gaming sector are now standard equipment, the “presets” represent a unique selling point that definitely needs to be mentioned in positive terms.

In addition to a DisplayPort input, AOC offers two HDMI connectors and an analog VGA port for the AG272FCX. Of course you can also find USB ports and speakers. The choice of ports is more than sufficient, but a DisplayPort port would not have been wrong. The monitor also has a special extra for gamers: a headset holder.

Conclusion of the AOC Agon AG272FCX Review

The tested AOC Agon AG272FCX is a solid gaming monitor that offers some extras, including a weak curvature of the screen. Due to the low resolution of only 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at a size of 27 inches we can unfortunately only recommend it to a limited extent. Whoever buys the monitor should definitely check whether the image seems too pixelated to him. Apart from that, the picture quality and equipment of the monitor can be described as very good.


Image Quality

Unfortunately only FullHD on 27 inch

Well equipped gaming monitor with many features, but unfortunately too low resolution.

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