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Cooler Master SK650: The big sister of the SK series

The smallest is the SK621, followed by the SK630 and then the SK650. Features Num-Block and some function keys, it is the largest in the SK-series of Cooler Master, which focuses on space saving and flat keys.

The wired SK650 from Cooler Master also focuses on gaming flair à la RGB lighting and brings an exciting design thanks to the materials used.

We took a close look at what the slim, but most comprehensive keyboard in the SK series can and does.

Technical data

Key switch type Cherry MX RGB Low Profile, mechanical
Material aluminum, plastic
Scanning rate 1000 Hz
Onboard memory 512 kB
Cable connection USB Type-C to USB 2.0 Type-A
Cable length 1.8 m, braided
Multimedia buttons executable with FN
Dimension 430 x 125 x 25 mm
Weight 629 g
Price € 58.51 *

Slim design

Externally, the SK650 impresses just like its sisters with its flat and elegant design. This is due on the one hand to the flat double-shot button caps and on the other hand to the brushed aluminium as a base. In comparison to conventional mechanical keyboards in the gaming sector, the SK650 from Cooler Master stands out. But in gaming, it does its job just as well as any other high-quality gaming keyboard.

We can also confirm that the haptic sensation with every keystroke certainly causes butterflies in the stomach. The robust but at the same time soft-feeling keycaps provide a pleasant user experience.

Cherry has his hands in the game again

The Cooler Master SK650 MX features low profile switches. Although they are famous for a short forward travel – which was shortened again from 1.2 mm to 0.8 mm for Cooler Master – they are not famous for extreme silence. Nevertheless, the large keyboard of Cooler Master doesn’t buy any annoying clatter. It is not for nothing that the Cherry MX switches are still among the best on the market. This makes the SK650 the gamer’s best friend in shooters, too.

Little space? No matter, RGB fits everywhere

Apart from the fact that the SK series is based on the design of chiclet keyboards, it has not much to do with such keyboards. This applies not only to the mechanical keys, but also to the fact that the SK models have RGB lighting. Each Cherry switch can be controlled individually.

You can switch colors either by pressing the ring key, or by using the Cooler Master software to switch the colors. Here you can create variations from 16.7 million colors and set 17 different backlight effects.

Macros can also be recorded – whether with the on-the-fly system or in the software. This is made possible by a 512 kB small memory. In other words, the SK650 has everything you would expect from a gaming keyboard in terms of external chic, but it is still completely different.

Other features of the SK650

Onboard, the SK650 is driven by a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor. In addition, the largest keyboard in the SK series operates with a 6-key N-key rollover. However, the SK650 from Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Cooler Master has nothing more to offer.

In our eyes, this is quite enough. As a gaming keyboard in compact full-size format, it has everything you need for gaming: speed, no delay, excellent haptics, stability for a long life and RGB. In addition, media keys used with FN round off the comfortable handling. Also worth mentioning is the removable USB-C cable, so that you don’t have to fear a cable break.

Conclusion and price

The Cooler Master SK650 is available for € 58.51 *. Considering the workmanship, materials and functions, this is a reasonable price in our eyes. You can also choose between the black version with dark grey aluminium and the white version with light grey aluminium.

Since we have already determined that the price is right and all the features the SK650 has to offer, we can only say: Well done, Cooler Master! The SK650 complements the series perfectly and the three different sizes appeal to almost every gamer. We were especially impressed by the elegant and minimalist design, which also looks good on a tidy desk in the office.

If you like it smaller, take a look at our review of the SK621, the smallest in the bunch.

Cooler Master SK650

Value for money


The Cooler Master SK650 uses high-quality materials and offers excellent workmanship. We were particularly impressed by the elegant and minimalist design.

Cooler Master SK650 Tastatur price comparison

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