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Customizable gaming mouse: Trust GXT 970 Morfix in test

In the field of gaming mice, there is more than enough choice: large or small, for right or left-handed users or even for both through a symmetrical design. There is the right mouse for everyone, even if the requirements are very different. But how good is it if the mouse can be adapted to your own preferences? This is exactly what Trust has tried to do with the GXT 970 Morfix. You can find out what the special features of this mouse are and how it can be customized in the following.

Design and workmanship

The design of the GXT 970 Morfix is very simple and is only loosened up by an LED strip. Furthermore, the two mouse buttons are completely separated by the mouse wheel and two additional buttons. Furthermore, the mouse wheel and also the GXT logo on the back of the mouse are highlighted by additional RGB lighting.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix

Now we come directly to the first special feature. Both side parts of the mouse can be replaced by enclosed pieces. The first part of the thumb side offers nine additional buttons, while the second part offers only 3 buttons and thus allows a narrower mouse. For the other side there are also two pieces. One offers an additional index finger rest, which makes the mouse much larger. The second part makes the mouse accordingly narrower.

The replacement parts are fixed by magnets and held in the right position by some guides. So you don’t even feel that they are removable during use. The additional buttons are also designed to integrate perfectly.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix

Features we already got to know through the additional parts. Up to nine additional keys on the thumb side and two additional keys on the back of the mouse offer enough possibilities to realize your own wishes and ideas. In addition, the software offers even more setting options, but more about that later.

The heart of the GXT 970 Morfix is the optical sensor PMW3325, which works with up to 10.000 dpi. In the preset profile, the DPI can be switched between 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4000 and 5000, which will be sufficient for most people, so using the software is not a “must”.

Ergonomics and practice

Especially with a mouse, one’s own preferences strongly influence the ergonomics. Which grip type do I use, what size is my hand? All these factors influence your own perception. With the GXT 970 Morfix, you also have to differentiate which combination of side parts is used. So I can decide from the outset whether I want to have a ring finger rest or not and so the mouse can be adapted to my own hand. Even people with very large hands can find the right mouse with the Morfix.

In practice, we can only say that there is something for everyone, depending on the grip and hand size. The mouse itself does not lag behind any of its competitors. It reacts quickly and precisely.


The software for the GXT 970 Morfix is very simple. There is only one page on which everything is clearly arranged. Here everyone who wants to change something can find his way around. Also the two different thumb sides are described in such a way that you can adjust the correct keys.

On the right hand side there are four tabs for further settings. The first tab gives you the possibility to change the six DPI levels, as you wish, as long as you stay at an accuracy of 100 DPI. You can also assign colors to the individual levels, which then light up the mouse wheel and the logo, so that you can also see from the color what is currently active. Unfortunately, this LED lighting cannot be switched off directly, but you have the possibility to switch off the lighting of this one step by entering the color code 0/0/0. So you can switch off the lighting completely.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix Software

In the next tab you can set different lighting modes that control the LED strip. This can be switched off directly or set in scene by ten different modes.

In the tab “Mouse Parameters” you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, as well as scroll and double-click speed to your own wishes.

The last tab gives you the possibility to set the USB polling rate, which is not very relevant nowadays.

All these values can be saved and exported in nameable profiles, so you can easily save your personal settings. Another nice feature is that when you toggle the DPI, a small semi-transparent window will also appear, showing you the current DPI.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix

Conclusion of the Trust GXT 970 Morfix review

With the GXT 970 Morfix, Trust has launched a mouse that not only convinces with its performance. The sensor reacts well and quickly and brings the movement to the monitor that you want. By the changeable appearance by a further side panel you can even increase the number of buttons without any loss of workmanship. So you can easily adjust the mouse to your own hand size and position.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix

The software also offers a simple and clear look. This makes the advanced operation easy and possible for everyone. With RGB lighting you can also realize your own ideas, even if synchronization with other RGB components is possible.

If you are looking for more buttons, but do not always use them, you should definitely try the Trust GXT 970 Morfix.

Trust GXT 970 Morfix

Value for money


The GXT 970 Morfix is ready for anything with its high flexibility.

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