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HS60 HAPTIC: Corsair’s first gaming headset with Haptic Bass technology under test

Looks, interior and stability of the new gaming headset from Corsair screams shooter enthusiasts. That means that compared to its predecessors, the HS60 HAPTIC not only focuses on comfort and quality, but also on new technology. As a result, the new member of the Corsair headset family could now also play in the high-end segment. We took a close look at the latest headset from Corsair and hope to see another representative of the US manufacturer on the top list of gaming headsets.

Technical data

Design On-ear
Connection cable
Weight 420 g
Diaphragm diameter 50 mm
Impedance 32 Ohm
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Impedance (microphone) 2,000 Ohm
Sensitivity (microphone) -40 dB
Frequency range (microphone) 100 Hz – 10,000 Hz
Price 129,99 € (current:€ 29.90 (€ 29.90 / l)*)

Good camouflaged

Corsair has really come up with something new in terms of appearance. The HS60 HAPTIC comes with a grey-white camouflage paint on the ear cups. The typical Corsair metal grilles – including logo – are retained, as already known from the HS series from the 50s Stereo and Pro Stereo as well as the 60s PRO SURROUND. Together, they give the headset’s look a gaming look without RGB.

Just by taking the HS60 HAPTIC in your hands before you put it on, you will notice the high quality workmanship of the materials. It is made of aluminum reinforced metal, which provides the necessary robustness, and memory foam in the ear pads, for long-term comfort. Long gambling sessions are thereby always given – maximally the weight of 420 gram can show effect after a time.

If you want to adjust settings such as volume or the intensity of the haptic sound effects, the HS60 HAPTIC does not need to be removed. These can be easily adjusted with controls located on the outside of the left and right handset. This way the audio quality can be optimally adjusted to suit the owner – without having to switch to the virtual equalizer. While the volume wheel has a small grid, the intensity control is stepless. A small LED shows the status of the current haptic effect.

Bass sound = more haptics

Let’s get to the core of the test: the inner workings. Thanks to Taction Technology, the HS60 HAPTIC from Corsair produces a clearly perceptible – i.e. haptic – sound. This not only enhances the gaming experience, but also the sound quality, as sounds become clearer in lower frequency ranges. Every explosion, every impact, every dull step, every sound, no matter how low, is clearly transported. As a result, the hearing and brain are able to process sounds more quickly and thus also reveal the direction from which the sounds are coming. Afterwards, enemies can be killed faster than they can look, even though you haven’t looked in that direction before – the sound tells you everything with the HS60 HAPTIC.

The US company Taction Technology, based in Silicon Valley, isn’t the only one who can deliver great sound quality with Corsair’s new gaming headset. The HS60 HAPTIC is also compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Sonic Surround Sound, enabling it to create a decent 360-degree audio experience despite the USB.

After thorough testing, we can definitely justify why Corsair has named its latest headset factory HAPTIC. The name is here with the second HS60 program and can be heard. What we particularly like is that the haptic feedback is infinitely adjustable – depending on whether you want to use it or not.

I hear clear voices

Without a microphone a headset is just a headphone! In accordance with this peripheral wisdom, we now turn our attention to the recording quality of the HS60 HAPTIC.

The microphone is detachable and flexibly adjustable in front of or next to the mouth, just like Corsair’s gaming headsets, except the VOID devices don’t have it. It looks stable, but time will tell how much the repeated plugging and unplugging of the microphone will cause it to lose it.

The microphone can be characterized by a unidirectional voice pickup, i.e. it is only aligned in one direction. Coupled with noise reduction, it provides the recording device with a clear intelligibility for the user. It is therefore not surprising that it has qualified for certification in the eyes of Discord.

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In order to be able to mute, you also use a small button on the right earpiece – quite practical.

For more audio detail iCUE is responsible

For the finest audio adjustments, Corsair’s iCUE software can help. A virtual equalizer makes even the smallest settings audible, enhancing the individual sound experience. So if you don’t want to gamble, but want to watch a movie, iCUE is perfect – just like most Corsair products. To switch between profiles, simply press the volume wheel on the left earcup.

Conclusion & price

One may be able to see that Corsair fans are certainly at work here, but still not all the gold that the peripheral expert from the USA designs is gold.

We can definitely approve the comfort, the design and the robust metal construction. Also worth mentioning is the unique sound experience provided by the Taction technology and the voice quality picked up by the detachable microphone.

But there is one point that didn’t appeal to us particularly with the HS60 HAPTIC: The weight. At 420 grams, the gaming headset is significantly heavier than the competition’s models. You might only notice this after a while of wearing it, but at almost half a kilo, even the most comfortable padding won’t be able to counteract it sufficiently. Yes, long gaming sessions are possible with it, but these will have their limits.

With the price we are talking about 129,99 Euro. This puts the HS60 HAPTIC in the lower price range. In return, it offers a decent performance, but the haptic feature is also very affordable for Corsair with a good surcharge of 50 Euros compared to the HS60. Those who want to have haptic feedback wirelessly will find what they are looking for in the competitor’s Razer Nari Ultimate, but will also have to add 70 Euros.

Corsair HS60 HAPTIC

Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


The Corsair HS60 HAPTIC offers a bass-heavy sound and good recording quality. The haptic feedback is really impressive and the headset is worth its money.

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