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Jaybird X3 In Ear Headphones Review

If you’re interested in sports headphones, you can’t get past the Jaybird brand. That’s why I’ve been working on it and tested the Jaybird X3 for you. Jaybird is a subsidiary of Logitech and specializes in wireless sports headphones. The X3 is the first model of the company which appears after the takeover. Since the X2 version has already received many positive reviews, the bar is very high.

First Impression

Even the packaging makes a high-quality impression. The front of the package is equipped with a magnetic clip so that prospective buyers can take a look at the headphones themselves before making the actual purchase. These rest in a foam shell and can be easily removed from it. Underneath you will find each individually packed to save space:

  • silicone ear cushions in three sizes
  • Secure-Fit ear inserts / ear fins in three sizes
  • Earmolds in three sizes (sweat resistant, for sports)
  • USB charging cable
  • Cable management clips
  • Ladeclip
  • Clothing clip
  • Sport carrier bag

Unfortunately, I noticed that the foam attachments were not quite clean. One of the attachments still had remains of forming in the workshop and was therefore not quite round, but oval and still had remains in the middle. This is a pity, but you can easily fix it with a small pair of scissors.


To put the Jaybird X3 in the right ear is not easy at the beginning, especially with the ear fins. The enclosed instruction manual with large pictures and in many languages is quite helpful. As always, three sizes don’t fit everyone, and you first have to try out the combination of plugs and fins that makes the headphones fit so well. None of the included fins fit me right, so I decided not to wear the headphones when running.

When I switched on the headphones and paired them with the smartphone, I was surprised at how quickly they were displayed. After a short verbal greeting the device was directly visible. Also during pairing there was a short feedback that the device is now ready for playback. The announcement is loud and clear, when you switch it off there is a corresponding hint. I found this important, since the attached LED does not light up continuously. It was positively noticed that even older Bluetooth-enabled devices quickly recognize the headphones. The battery life is specified by the manufacturer as eight hours. This is sufficient to use the Jaybird X3 as a pendulum for the normal working path.

Jaybird X3 in Field Test

The ear studs and the headphones are very light and if you had no music on your ears, you wouldn’t notice that you were wearing headphones at all. The cable length can be easily shortened with the included clips, so that the cable does not rub against the collar. The installation is a little fiddly, but worth the effort afterwards. In terms of sound quality, the headphones are very good, and highs and lows are reproduced well. Even without Jaybird’s free App, the sound of the headphones is more than sufficient. If you want to emphasize basses and other settings, I recommend to install the app after all. It is important that it can only be combined with the X3 and Freedom models.

I was disturbed by the audio signal in the volume control. If you turn the headphones up louder than is currently possible on a smartphone, there will be a very loud beep. This has nothing to do with the settings on the device or mobile phone and is therefore not adjustable. If you do without the cable clips and wear the Jaybird X3 under and not over the ear, the cable often gets stuck and pulls on the plugs.


For a price of 129,00 Euro Jaybird delivers a very good middle class model. The workmanship is very good with the exception mentioned above. The sound of the headphones is excellent and is also good on the bus and train. With the normal attachments, neighbors sitting on the phone are no problem. With the exception of one or two brief interruptions in the city, the Bluetooth connection remained faultless. The frickelige insertion of the headphones and the clip are at the beginning a small annoyance, after the acclimatization phase however hardly noticeable. Making a phone call with the Jaybird x3 is unfamiliar, as the microphone is lying on your head, but hardly hinders the conversation.

Jaybird X3


Good middle class

If you are looking for a pair of solid sports headphones, you should buy the Jaybird X3 with the appropriate app.

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