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PowerA FUSION Pro 2 (Xbox) – The affordable alternative to the Elite controller?

Even though the majority of Xbox gamers rely on the Microsoft controllers that are already included with the console, other manufacturers also release their own controllers time and again. In order to be successful on the market, they usually try to convince with a lower price and/or special features. One of these manufacturers is PowerA. At the beginning of the year, we had already tested the Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller, a low-priced wired alternative to the standard controller, which also offered additional features. Now comes the FUSION Pro 2, another wired, more expensive variant that can probably be seen more as an alternative to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller offers, among other things, interchangeable parts, such as a black front, a white front and different sticks. Furthermore, one offers a freely assignable Pro Pack with four paddles and two rumble motors. The PowerA FUSION Pro 2 is officially licensed and compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Whether the controller is a good alternative to the Microsoft controllers and can convince with quality and features, we will clarify in the following test.

Technical data.

Size 108 x 162 x 62 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 347 g (without Pro Pack).

371 g (with Pro Pack)

Colors Black, White
Cable 3 m USB-C to USB-A
Compatibility Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC
Features Interchangeable front, interchangeable sticks, Pro Pack, 2 rumble motors, three-way trigger locks, volume control
Scope of delivery Bag, controller, extra white front, 2 sticks, USB-C cable, back cover
Price € 79.99 *

Scope of delivery

The controller comes in a strikingly designed cardboard box. Inside it is a black bag that holds the controller and accessories. Besides the controller itself, we find a white front, as an alternative to the black one, two sticks, a USB-C cable and a small black cover. The latter is needed when you do not want to use the freely assignable Pro Pack. The scope of delivery is extensive and should hardly leave any wishes unfulfilled.

Design and workmanship

The design is very much based on Microsoft’s templates and only deviates minimally, but not noticeably. One offers the same buttons, as the Microsoft standard controller, in addition, there are four paddles on the back, as you know it from the much more expensive Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. However, these can also be removed when you don’t need them. In addition to the Pro Pack, there are also switches for the triggers on the underside. Three settings are possible here. On the front, between the control pad and stick, there is also a volume control for the microphone.

The controller is made entirely of plastic and feels good in the hand as usual. The weight is 371 g with Pro Pack and 347 g without. This makes the FUSION Pro 2 significantly heavier than the Xbox Wireless Controller from Microsoft (277 g) and similar in weight to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (345 g). Depending on which controller you have used so far, you might have to reckon with a small period of getting used to it.

The upper side of the controller is minimally textured and thus very grippy. The undersides of the grips and the triggers also have a textured rubber coating, which ensures that the controller always sits securely in the hand. We liked the pressure point of the directional pad and the buttons very much in the test, and the triggers also convinced us. While we were not completely satisfied with the PowerA Xbox Series X|S Enhanced Wired Controller, there is nothing to complain about with the FUSION Pro 2. Nothing rattles or creaks on the controller, and the quality is very high throughout.

The accessories also leave a very good impression. The bag is stable and convinces with good workmanship, furthermore the division is well solved. Everything is stored safely and space-saving. The 3 m long cable is braided, stable, but also not too rigid. A Velcro closure for stowing or shortening to the appropriate length is also attached.

Connection and compatibility

The PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the PC. In testing, use on both the console and PC went smoothly. On the Xbox, the controller was recognized quickly and was ready for use immediately after plugging it in. This process took much longer on the PC, but the setup was also completed after a few seconds. A manual driver or subsequent software installation is not necessary.


As already mentioned, the controller, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, is significantly heavier than the standard controller. The difference is clearly noticeable in direct comparison, so it takes some time to get used to it. When we reached this point, however, we did not find the weight to be either an advantage or a disadvantage and did not have any problems even when spontaneously switching between the controllers. Thanks to the identical size and the surface texture or rubber coating, the controller fits perfectly in the hand.

The sticks, the directional pad and the buttons allow very precise control. They feel good, do not rattle and we also like the pressure point very much. PowerA also uses anti-friction rings for the sticks, which reduce friction. The two rumble motors are powerful and also know how to please.

The Pro Pack was also able to convince us in the test. Programming proved to be very simple and worked reliably at all times. You press the Program button for three seconds, then the button whose action you want on the paddle, and then the paddle you want to assign. Another feature of the PowerA FUSION Pro 2 are the adjustable triggers. Here you can set in three steps how sensitive the triggers should be. We tested this feature with Forza Horizon 4, for example, where the right trigger is used to accelerate. Depending on the trigger setting, we now accelerate either very weakly, more strongly or use the maximum acceleration.

The combination of the appropriate trigger setting and the assignment of the paddles also proved to be very practical. After we reduced the acceleration via the trigger a bit and put the maximum acceleration on a paddle, we often achieved new best times in curvy races, since we no longer accelerated too strongly and also didn’t have to brake constantly. On long straights we accelerated more with the paddle. At first we were a bit skeptical about the added value of the trigger switches and the paddles, but over time we used them more and more, even in games whose controls we already thought were perfect.

The volume control for the microphone also worked well and reliably at all times. In addition, the controller also has the new Share button and thus supports all the functions that the Microsoft controller also offers.


The PowerA FUSION Pro 2 left a very good impression all around in the test. Purely in terms of quality, there is nothing negative to report, material quality and workmanship are very good, which also includes the accessories.

Compared to the standard controller from Microsoft, the controller convinces with many additional features, such as the programmable map pack, the adjustable triggers and the volume control. These features all turned out to be useful and very practical. The accessories are extensive with the two sticks, the USB cable and a bag. The changeable front is also a highlight. While you usually have to decide on a design, you can quickly switch between white and black here at any time and thus always have the color-matching controller for your console.

We find the price of ~€90 reasonable. The controller is thus a recommendation for all those who find the standard controller insufficient in terms of functionality, or for those who find the much more expensive Xbox Elite Wireless Controller from Microsoft too expensive. The only drawback compared to the Microft controllers is the need for a cable if you otherwise prefer wireless peripherals.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller (Xbox)

Value for money


A great and much cheaper alternative to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, which convinces with very good workmanship and many features.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2 (Xbox) price comparison

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