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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Gaming Headset Review

Headsets from Razer are popular in the gaming scene, as they usually combine an eye-catching design with appropriate technology and an outstanding sound. Also with the “Kraken Tournament Edition*” the manufacturer wants to score again by the total package. We wanted to find out through a practical test to what extent the 100 Euro headset can really convince.

Design and Workmanship

The headset is inconspicuously designed in the best sense of the word, because it is completely black. But also a striking neon green version is available, which surely is a real eye-catcher. Both the auricles and the headband follow the colouring. In any case, the slightly oversized ear cups, which fit well into the overall picture, are conspicuous.

The headband of the gaming headset is both flexible and robust due to its aluminium construction. The auricles are fixed to the headband and unfortunately cannot be turned.

Overall, the design of the Kraken Tournament Edition is absolutely harmonious. Headset looks good. As far as the design is concerned, we can only say positive things.

The same applies to workmanship. Razer uses high-quality materials throughout and processes them well. The headset feels good and looks stable in the test. It will be able to withstand the usual external influences that occur during normal use without any problems.

Wearing Comfort

The high comfort while wearing is certainly one of the most positive points in the test. The headset is ergonomically designed, which is noticeable throughout the wearer. It is not only equipped with very soft ear cushions, but also has a comparatively low overall weight due to its aluminium construction. These two factors ensure that the headset sits comfortably and without excessive pressure.

Furthermore, the gel filling of the ear cushions ensures a pleasant coolness, which pays off especially during longer game sessions. Normally, headsets are difficult to wear for several hours at a time, because an unpleasant warmth develops under the earcups over time – the ears become sweaty, the wearing comfort unpleasant. The gel-filled pads of the tested device impressively prevent this unpleasant development in the test. Even after several hours of wearing, the wearing comfort is good. Under the ear cups it is not too warm and the comfort does not diminish.

In addition, the integrated channels for spectacle temples attracted our positive attention in the test. In contrast to many other headsets, spectacle wearers should not have to fear any loss in wearing comfort – not even when wearing for long periods of time.

The overall feel is great. Here we can find absolutely no points of criticism. The Kraken-Tournament-Edition offers a very high wearing comfort, even if the earcups cannot be turned.


Razer wants to convince with “THX Spatial Audio”. With this technology a room-filling 360 degree sound is to be produced, which is to outbid classical Surround sound once again. In the test the sound really impresses. Noises can be clearly located in the room – even above or below the user. The gaming experience is clearly enhanced by this surround technology. In many games it could also be a decisive advantage, since it can be very quickly located from which direction a not yet visible opponent approaches.

On the enclosed control unit, which connects the headset to the output device, it is possible to switch THX spatial audio on and off at the touch of a button. The control of the sound is therefore possible without any problem. The unit also switches the microphone on and off and adjusts the volume. The headset’s jack cable can be connected to the control device, which in turn is connected to the output device via a USB cable. It is also possible to connect the headset directly to the output device – this eliminates the THX spatial sound.

In the test we also played some pieces of music to test how the headset performs. Usually gaming headsets are not very convincing in this respect – which they don’t have to be, after all, they weren’t created primarily for this purpose. The tested headset from Razer also convinced us of the sound quality of the music it reproduced and thus received a further plus point.

Also positive is the fact that the game and chat volume can be adjusted individually, so that a suitable setting can be found in any case.


The microphone of the headset is unidirectionally aligned, so that hardly any noise is picked up, which has a positive effect on the acoustic intelligibility of the transmitted words. There are no points of criticism in the test. Speech is intelligibly transmitted, noise is reduced to a minimum and the microphone is always in an acceptable position thanks to its adjustability. The setting of the microphone arm is intuitively understandable.

There’s nothing more to be said about the convincing microphone.

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If you want to make individual settings, you needed the free Synapse 3 software, which is available on the manufacturer’s website. This significantly expands the options offered by the THX spatial audio control.

For example, the easy-to-install and intuitive software makes it possible to determine which programs are used with stereo sound and which with surround sound. In addition, it is also possible to adjust the bass, for example. Altogether the software offers some options to influence the sound of the headset, which is certainly advantageous, since own preferences and desires can be converted in this way.

Since the software is also comparatively easy to use, it is difficult to find anything worthy of criticism.

Result of the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Review

Altogether Razer offers with the headset “Kraken Tournament Edition” an absolutely harmonious gaming model. Both the design and the practical performance of the headset were convincing in the test. Furthermore the device is comparatively cheap with a price of € 99.99 *.

Gamers don’t make a mistake by purchasing this headset – it’s perfectly tailored to their needs and offers great value for money.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Value for Money

An excellent gaming headset.

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