Razer Naga X – “Cheap” MMO mouse without modules

The modular MMO mouse Razer Naga Pro and the Left-Handed-Edition have been among the most popular gaming mice for years, despite the steep price of 169 Euros at Amazon. Meanwhile, Razer also offers the wired Naga Trinity, which is available for 95 euros at Amazon.  Now the Naga family of models has been expanded to include the wired Razer Naga X, which retails for 90 euros at retailers.

The biggest difference between the Naga X and the Naga Trinity is its lack of modularity. It offers twelve additional buttons on the left side (three rows of four), but they cannot be replaced. The Naga Trinity includes two additional side panels (2 and 7 keys) despite the small price difference of only 5 Euros.

Razer Naga X, Naga Pro & Naga Trinity (Image: Razer)
Razer Naga X, Naga Pro & Naga Trinity (Image: Razer)

Also, the Naga X only has a normal mouse wheel and a separate button behind it, while the Naga Trinity has a four-way mouse wheel and two additional buttons. The Naga Trinity also outperforms the Naga X (one profile) when it comes to integrated memory (five profiles).

Better switches and lighter weight

On the other hand, the Razer Naga X comes up trumps with its lighter weight (-37 grams) and optomechanical switches. Thanks to the new Razer cable, the gliding properties should also be better. The mice do not differ in the PixArts PMW-3389 (Razer 5G) sensor.

It is questionable whether these advantages can justify buying the Razer Naga X when the modular Razer Naga Trinity is already available for only five Euros more. If the price of the latest Razer mouse does not drop significantly in stores quickly, only fewer buyers will probably choose the “slimmed-down” model.

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