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Review of the HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset

With the Cloud Mix, the manufacturer HyperX has launched a gaming headset on the market that can be connected via Bluetooth as well as via a 3.5 mm jack. The headset should therefore be compatible with all consoles, PCs and smartphones. All necessary cables are included in the scope of delivery. We found out in this test whether the Cloud Mix can also convince through sound and functionality.

HyperX Cloud Mix

Design and Workmanship

The design of the HyperX is not particularly striking. Compared to other gaming headsets, the Cloud Mix is not that clumsy and, despite the ear-cup-enclosing design, very narrow. There is no RGB lighting, only the HyperX logo on both sides. The cable between the auricles and the head cushion, which runs freely for a short time, is also conspicuous. This means that the cable is much less stressed. The headphones themselves have significantly more buttons than other gaming headsets, but they are also necessary for use as a Bluetooth headset.

The left earpiece has an integrated microphone, a detachable microphone port, a 3.5 mm jack for Bluetooth-free use, and a multifunction button for wireless use. On the right side are the Micro-USB connector for charging, the power button, a status LED and a volume rocker for adjusting the volume in wireless operation.

HyperX Cloud Mix

All in all, the headset is also very high-quality from the workmanship. The temples are made of metal and very stable, the upholstery is covered with artificial leather. The microphone is very stable and stays in the position where you align it. The HyperX Cloud Mix also comes with everything you need when it comes to the scope of delivery. In addition to a pocket to store the headset, there is a 3.5 mm jack cable with volume control and microphone mute button. Furthermore there is an adapter of Y-splitter cable for the use at the PC as well as a Micro-USB charging cable included.

Technical Details

Driver 40 mm with neodymium magnets
Frequency 10 Hz up to 40.000 Hz
Weight 275 g (with microphone)
Material Aluminium frame and memory foam with imitation leather cover
Modularization Cable and microphone removable, Bluetooth
Compatibility PC, PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (S and X), Max, Smartphone, Tablet
Price ab € 215.72 *

Wearing Comfort

First of all the short information that I wear glasses and therefore can judge the wearing comfort of a headset also in the respect. If you put on the Cloud Mix, you quickly notice a very strong pressure through the earcups. It won’t get bad over time, but if you get disturbed by it you should test this headset first. Wearing glasses doesn’t increase the pressure, though. The foam prevents the headset from pressing on the glasses and against the head.

The headset weighs 275 grams and with its thin padding on the headband is no burden on the head. During longer gaming sessions the pressure doesn’t attract much attention, but you quickly notice that it gets very warm under the artificial leather. The area around the ear starts to sweat easily, which is probably also due to the slightly too strong contact pressure. However, why the contact pressure does not occur as a very strong negative point is the function of the headset. While using the Cloud Mix as a Bluetooth headset, you can do almost anything. The headset hardly wobbles, if at all, providing consistent comfort.

HyperX Cloud Mix


The sound of the headset is really something. Even though, like many gaming headsets, it doesn’t offer surround sound, it convinces all along the line. The HyperX dual-chamber drivers ensure that the treble, midrange and bass frequencies are separated from each other and that you experience a balanced sound ratio. Even at very high volume levels, the sound remains clean without overloading.

HyperX Cloud Mix

If you don’t have the 7.1 surround sound, you can buy the Amp USB sound card from HyperX for 30 Euro. This works via plug-and-play on the PS4 and PS4 Pro as well as on the PC. I’m afraid we couldn’t test them.


The HyperX Cloud Mix comes with two different microphones. A detachable microphone is simply plugged in for wired operation. Since it is unidirectionally aligned, hardly any noise is picked up. The microphone can be aligned with a flexible arm, but this must be done. The recording is unfortunately only very quiet, so we had to set a level gain of +10dB. At +20dB the microphone would be perfect, but there is a very unpleasant noise in the background. Only with much effort can the noise be suppressed and everyone will understand you. As mentioned earlier, the microphone can be muted via a switch on the cable.

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The second microphone is integrated in the left auricle. This is especially designed for use with Bluetooth and while a 3.5mm jack cable is plugged in it is not usable at all. The transmitted voice, which is unavoidable, is interspersed with ambient sounds. Especially when you’re on the phone in traffic, for example, your partner hears more about the surroundings than you do.

HyperX Cloud Mix


For anyone who takes a headset with them to listen to music or gamble on the go, the HyperX Cloud Mix can also be used via Bluetooth 4.2. The sound is not audibly degraded and you enjoy the familiar sound. The multifunction button can then be used to answer calls and operate the music. The volume can also be easily adjusted using the rocker on the right headphones. With a radio range of up to 10 metres, HyperX has not been exaggerated. So you can leave the room in which the music source is located without any problems.

HyperX Cloud Mix

Conclusion on HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset Review

The HyperX Cloud Mix offers rich sound and good wearing comfort. Unfortunately it’s a little tight here and there and it’s easy to sweat. The design is simple and due to the functionality the missing RGB lighting can be overcome. Thanks to the generous scope of delivery there are no limits. The possibility to use the headset also via Bluetooth is a welcome change, because you don’t need several headsets at once.

HyperX Cloud Mix

Unfortunately, the weak point is the microphone, which is a little too quiet and quickly produces a strong background noise. The missing surround sound can be fixed directly for 30 Euro, but since the headset already costs 185 Euros, we are of the opinion that the sound card could also be included in the scope of delivery. All in all, the Cloud Mix is a good and valuable headset with many features, but we find it a bit expensive.

HyperX Cloud Mix

Value for Money

High quality with many functions, but expensive.

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