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Review: The Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Analog Headset

At Gamescom and IFA 2015, Creative unveiled several new headsets from its Sound BlasterX series, which are already available in stores. We tested one of the new top models, the Creative Sound BlasterX H5. The analog gamer headset convinced us because it is very robust and offers a clear sound. Everything else in the following.

Scope of Delivery

The Creative Sound BlasterX H5 headset is not delivered in a normal cardboard box, but in a round plastic ball with a window. This can also be used as a transport box after unpacking. But Creative went to a lot of trouble packing the headset, because it’s glued a lot and you need a lot of patience until you can hold your new headset in your hands.

In addition to the headphones, a detachable microphone, a connection cable (1.2 m) with integrated remote control and a Y splitter cable (1.2 m) are also supplied. Of course, the short manual should not be missing either.

Technical Data

driver 50 mm Neodymium driver
Sensitivity 118 db @ 1 kHz
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Impedance 32 Ω
Connection Connection cable with 1.2 m length and 3.5 mm jack, splitter cable for extension with 1.2 m length and 2x 3.5 mm jack, detachable microphone
Microphone sensitivity 40 dB
Microphone Frequency range 100 Hz – 15 kHz
Microphone impedance < 2,2 kΩ
Weight 260 g
UVP 129,99 €

Workmanship & Wearing Comfort

The headset is dominated by black, but it adds red accents to the logo, which is located on the outside of the ear cups. The auricles are padded with imitation leather, just like the headband. The artificial leather feels pleasant to the touch and does not cause perspiration even after prolonged wearing.

The headband is made of stainless steel and aluminium. It is very flexible and can withstand any load. You can bend it as you like, it always returns to its original shape and does not take any damage. The headband can of course be adjusted in size to fit the headset on any head.

The pleasant plastic housing of the drivers, with metal insert for the outer logo, also feels very high-quality and robust.

With a weight of 260 g with 50 mm drivers and a metal headband, the weight of the Sound BlasterX H5 is surprisingly low and it sits well on the head. The headband pressure is well balanced and it’s fun to wear the headset.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is of course the most important thing about a headset. The Creative Sound BlasterX H5 is analog and doesn’t change the input – you get what your soundcard delivers to your ears. A dedicated sound card is recommended to get the best sound.

The Sound BlasterX H5 has clear highs and a pleasant bass. Overall, the sound is warm and pleasant. The powerful depths are also suitable for gaming, as they remain level stable. The auricles enclose the ears completely and isolate well.

Although the headset only delivers stereo sound, you can also use it to locate your opponents while gambling. For professionals, the Creative Sound BlasterX H7, which is connected via USB and offers 7.1 sound, is more worthwhile.

The microphone has integrated noise reduction, but must be properly aligned for this to work. Two microphones seem to be built into the detachable microphone arm – one must point in the direction of the mouth, the other takes up the surroundings for filtering. If it doesn’t fit exactly, your voice will be distorted. However, when the microphone is properly aligned, it effectively filters out other sounds. Overall, however, the microphone quality could be a little better, the sound output could be more convincing.

Connections & Cables

The analogue headset is connected directly to a PC, smartphone or other device via a jack connection (3.5 mm). There are no extras like USB or Bluetooth.

The connection cable is removable and 1.2 m long. The fabric coating protects against wear. At the other end of the cable is only a jack connector, which is responsible for both input and output. Thus the headset can be used problem-free at Smartphone, Tablet, or laptop with only one jack socket. If you still have a PC with separate sockets, there is an extension cable which is another 1.2 m long and divides the connections. Thus one arrives at a total length of 2.4 m on one’s PC at home, but on the way one drags only 1.2 m along. That’s great, because at your desk you usually need a longer cable than a smartphone in your pocket. I like this one.

The connection cable also includes a direct control element to accept calls with the smartphone, for example, but also to regulate the volume and mute the microphone. Nothing special, but looks good with the Sound BlasterX logo and is cleanly finished (unfortunately only plastic).

Conclusion on the Creative Sound BlasterX H5

Overall, I liked the Creative Sound BlasterX H5 gaming headset. It has a warm and powerful sound, is good and robust and looks good at the same time.

The flexible headband makes the headset extremely robust against any force and is an eye-catcher at any LAN party. Creative has thought along with the connection cable and the Y-splitter cable and provides a solution for the desk and on the way. The microphone can also be removed, so the headset can also be used as headphones.

The only drawback is the microphone, which I don’t like as much as the FUNC HS-260 (for test). But the Creative Sound BlasterX H5 can convince in all other aspects. For 129 Euro the headset is a good catch.

Creative Sound BlasterX H5

Sound Quality
Recording Quality
Connections & Cables
Value for Money

Like it!

The Creative Sound BlasterX H5 headset offers a comfortable wearing experience, robustness and good sound.

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