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Sennheiser GSP 370: Wireless Gaming Headset Review

When the renowned audio forge invites Sennheiser to present a new product, it usually becomes exciting. The release has been postponed a bit, but now the Wireless Gaming Headset GSP 370 is finally available. We were one of the first to test the headset and show you in this review what the headset can and can’t do. In the respective categories the rating is surprisingly different.


The wireless headset is embedded in a plastic sarcophagus. The packaging is very unpopular for the price segment. The enclosed Quickstart shows the most important steps quite clearly. After the sobering unpacker experience, however, we are looking forward to a high-quality product.

The headset comes in “cast plastic”.

To set it up, simply plug the Sennheiser stick (USB dongle) into the PS4, MAC or PC and press a switch on the headset, and the connection is established. This is also the only button on the headset, there are no other annoying buttons. Unfortunately, the headset is still loaded with Micro-USB. With the promised battery life of 100 hours – wow! – USB type C would have been worth it. In the year 2019, you have to reckon with that as a minus point.

Design and Workmanship

Compared to its predecessor, the GSP 300, the GSP 300 uses more discreet colours. The dark metallic tone goes well with the black. Otherwise, not much has changed on the outside. The headset is particularly effective in that the microphone protrudes forcibly and the padding on the head is divided into two chambers, optically quite “modular” and clumsy. It is largely made of hard plastic and therefore looks less valuable. I therefore don’t like the design of the headphones, but you’ll have to rate it individually for you anyway.

Not too conspicuous in black and metallic colors. Source: Sennheiser

The clamp passes the bending test without any problems. Apart from a small ball type joint with which the earpads can be tilted slightly upwards or downwards, nothing else can be turned or folded. The height can be comfortably adjusted and snaps securely into place. The headset is very comfortable the first time you put it on, but more about that later.


Relatively quickly, we find the unidirectional microphone to be the headset’s greatest weakness. The microphone arm can be bent forward or backward. The ear cup mount blocks the microphone so it can’t be folded all the way up.

With the GSP 370, the microphone does not move up any further.

Before I make a great attempt to describe the microphone quality, it’s best you listen to it yourself:

To advertise the microphone with “studio quality”, I find somewhat exaggerated. Sennheiser should actually know what that means. We rate the microphone as only average.

Wearing Comfort

The ear cushions are made of a soft memory foam that does not stick to the skull even when warm, compared to imitation leather. They are also breathable because they hardly shield. The ear cushions hardly press and enclose the entire ear (Around Ear). I would find a complete velour cover even better, but everyone has different preferences.

Source: Sennheiser

Comfort also includes the fact that you don’t have to worry about a tangled mess of cables with the wireless headset. You’re no longer “chained” to a table and can keep listening to music while moving freely around the room, top!

Important to us: don’t touch the ear.Sennheiser

Sennheiser has implemented this philosophy well in the GSP 370. Even the upper part of the ear, which is sensitive to pressure, does not touch anything. The wearing comfort was very important to us, as we noticed in our test. So nothing stands in the way of longer gaming sessions on a console or PC.


The test object uses the same audio technology as its wireless predecessors. Important for gambling: it has a good directional characteristic. The spatial location of objects in the game using the sounds is easily possible, even if it is not a stereo headset. The sporting goal of the German company is to be in no way inferior to wired headsets in terms of sound. The new low-latency connection will help to achieve this.

Source: Sennheiser

The sound is relatively harmonious and well tuned to each other. The bass and treble drop slightly and most of the frequencies are in the mids, which are the most prominent with the GSP 370. Here you should adjust something about the software on the equalizer. The highs are unfortunately not clear and the bass is still somewhat lifeless compared to high-end products. The sound is rich, but not very multi-faceted. The potential volume is sufficient. With increasing volume, however, the sound decreases in depth and becomes tinier.

Overall, the acoustics suffer from the comfort. Here you should consider what is more important to you. Because the headphones hardly shield external noise. The distance to the ears and in particular the fact that the headset does not lie very firmly on the underside of the headphone make the bass even thinner. But even when pressed explicitly, it’s not a sound miracle. All in all, that’s a shame, Sennheiser also has products in its own house that can do it even better. The expectations were correspondingly high, which the GSP 370 could not meet in terms of sound quality. It remains the sound of the GSP 300.

Neutrally, however, there are no major shortcomings in the sound quality. Most users will be satisfied with this. Only if you had better devices on your ears, you can really see the differences. The difference is especially noticeable with softer classical pieces or bass-heavy songs. We generally recommend going to a shop and listening to the sound yourself. Music is also fun with the GSP 370, and the quality is always sufficient for gambling. There is air to the top, but also whole worlds to the bottom.


The volume can be adjusted via a wheel on the right ear cup. This makes it very easy and also has a good feel. The GSP 370 also has Sennheiser’s distinctive mute function, with the microphone folded up. This also engages with good haptic feedback and is a useful feature.

Here you can see the volume control wheel. Source: Sennheiser
Here you can see the wheel for volume control. Source: Sennheiser

The longevity of products is always considered essential. Here it is nice to know that the ear cushions can be replaced. Apropos “long”, a battery life of up to 100 hours is outstanding and definitely worth a plus point.

But the competition unfortunately doesn’t sleep. Compared to other manufacturers, Sennheiser would have to retrofit additional features to be ahead. For example, there would be detachable microphones, a storage option for the USB stick in the headset so that it doesn’t get lost, a carrying bag, wireless charging function, etc.

If you order from the Sennheiser shop, you will get the GSA 50 headset holder for free.

Software: Gaming Suite

Another great feature is the company’s own software, which is currently only available for Windows. Here you can choose between pre-defined profiles or create your own and adjust the equalizer or switch from 2.0 to 7.1 sound with a click.

This is what the software looks like.

Some settings can also be made for the microphone, but I’m missing a test mode here to hear yourself and test the configuration. You can’t save your own profiles and you probably can’t delete them yet. The new software offers useful functions, but still needs some development. Also the sound test function doesn’t work properly yet.


Our test showed that the headset is unfortunately not an all-rounder. In terms of wearing comfort and convenience, it is great for longer gambling sessions. Even for a wireless headset, the comfort is once again above average. And again, 100 hours of battery life is groundbreaking. However, if you’re looking for sound and a good microphone, you should look around for other models. The current price of 199 € raises the model to the very upper middle class. Compared to the competition in this price segment, we cannot give an unqualified purchase recommendation with a clear conscience. The main criticism point remains the microphone, one could have set however also on other materials than plastic and the one or other feature could still give it. However, the GSP 370 is well worth a look for cosy gambling sessions.

Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Headset

Sound Quality
Recording Quality
Value for Money


The bar is unfortunately higher than the GSP 370 can jump. The headset is certainly not a flop, but has some catching up to do, especially with the microphone and even the sound. For the current price we can only recommend a limited purchase.

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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