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Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro: Affordable Gaming Mouse under Test

Trust and some selected FPS players have worked together on the gaming mouse, which is the subject of the following review. The claim of the mouse is clear: it is aimed at eSports enthusiasts and should even meet the demands of professionals. The experiences of the consulting professionals were included – so the concept behind the GXT 180 Kusan Pro seems to be very promising.

However, the following test will clarify whether the mouse is also so outstanding in practice.

Design and Workmanship

The mouse looks like a typical gaming mouse. With regard to the materials used, it appears to be of high quality. Moreover, it lies well in the hand and feels valuable. Optically the mouse doesn’t stand out from the crowd of gaming mice – it looks like you would expect from a gaming mouse. The manufacturer’s logo as well as the mouse wheel and side buttons are illuminated by LEDs whose color can be customized in the enclosed software.

There are no defects with regard to the workmanship. The mouse is rugged enough to withstand even a hectic gaming environment. It feels good, lies well in the hand and shows no other weaknesses. With a weight of 107 grams it is on average heavy.

All mouse buttons give a loud click as acoustic feedback. They are stuck and have a pleasant pressure point. The rubber mouse wheel can also be clicked as an additional button. When turning, you can feel a very slight resistance of the grid.


Users in the gaming sector also attach great importance to ergonomics. The advertising for the GXT 180 Kusan Pro shows that the mouse is aimed both at ambitious hobby gamers and experienced eSports enthusiasts. These groups of people usually use such accessories quite excessively and are therefore dependent on the mouse not only lying well in the hand, but can be operated in any situation and also over longer periods of time without problems or pain. Also the other demands of the target group of this special mouse might be quite high.

Thus, it quickly becomes apparent that the weight of the device cannot be adjusted. Who decides for the GXT 180 Kusan Pro from Trust, decides for 107 grams. Ultimately, it should be said that experienced eSportsmen have been involved in the development of this peripheral and have reported on their experiences. In the test, the weight is not negative – the mouse can be moved comfortably and performs very well. In special situations, however, some players may prefer a different weight. In defence of the concept, however, it should be mentioned that the 107 grams chosen are a reasonable weight from a purely ergonomic point of view, as the hand is not subjected to excessive strain.

Apart from this slight flaw, there are no points of criticism. Despite the symmetrical design, the mouse was designed ergonomically intelligent. This includes troughs for the palms of the hands and fingers as well as a slightly non-slip surface coating. The relatively large hump of the mouse is conspicuous, but it is not disturbing. Thanks to its ingenious shape, the mouse can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users.

All in all, the GXT 180 Kusan Pro is an advantageous gaming mouse from an ergonomic point of view.

Sensor and Power

A 3325 sensor from Pixart is used in the trust mouse, which resolves with up to 5,000 DPI. This is also more than sufficient for 4K monitors. The resolution can be adapted to the respective requirements of the situation via a DPI switch. The polling rate, however, is up to 1,000 Hz.

Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro from below
Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro from below

The mouse is very powerful in the test. The sensor is precise and ensures very high hit rates in sports use. All in all, the mouse impresses with precision, good operability and fast reactions. In addition, there are programmable keys to which special actions can be assigned, which further improves the operation and thus the performance of the device.

In terms of performance, the GXT 180 Kusan Pro does not have to hide from the competition despite its low price. There are no flaws in the test.

Software and Customization

As already mentioned, the mouse has several programmable keys – a total of six. These keys can be individually programmed using the clearly laid out software supplied. They are assigned special actions that can be used quickly and directly in the game.

In addition, there are five profiles that can also be programmed via the software. These can be used to store the presets for five different games or other applications in the mouse’s internal memory, which are individually perceived as optimal. Selecting the gaming profile set in the software is very quick in practice. This offers the advantage that settings do not have to be made under time pressure, but can be conveniently set and saved in advance. Of course, you can also simply assign one of the keys so that it can be used to switch between the profiles.

Macros are also supported by the GXT 180 Kusan Pro of course, both mouse and keyboard inputs can be recorded. A positive aspect here is that the delay can also be set. However, mouse movements are not recorded.

The software can be operated intuitively and is used to set the profiles and configure the RGB LED lighting of the mouse. Here the user has a wide range of colours to choose from. Some effects can also be selected.

Overall, it can be said that both software and individualization and presetting options are convincing. Although the software also has a German translation, this is very bad. It can be much better with the English work, since the German translation partly makes no sense at all. “Apply” to apply settings was translated as “Apply” for example.

Conclusion on the Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro

The Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro is an excellent gaming mouse that is also suitable for professional use. Despite its low price, it can compete with competing models and offers all important functions. Nevertheless, there is already a tough competition in this price segment. For example the gaming mice of Cougar or SteelSeries. I personally like them better, but this is purely a matter of taste. Ultimately, a mouse must be tried out, as each hand is used to different ergonomic shapes.

Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro

Value for Money

An excellent gaming mouse that is also suitable for professional use.

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