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Xtrfy H2 Review – Co-Developed by Professionals

From professionals for professionals the guiding principle for the Xtrfy H2 might have been. Xtrfy writes on her website “Esports equipment by Ninjas in Pyjamas”. If the troupe doesn’t tell you anything, it’s not so bad. In any case, they are a successful team that plays Counter-Strike, among other things. If you already have the opportunity to work with professionals, you should use them, shouldn’t you? We’ll tell you how we like the Xtrfy H2.

Scope of Delivery

The Xtry H2 comes to you in a tidy box. The headset is attached to the inside of the box via a tab, which is pulled out as well. Behind the headphones hides the whole scope of delivery. The detachable microphone, an extension cable and a Y-adapter and the obligatory paperwork are included. Since the headset has a 4-pin 3.5 mm jack plug, the Y-adapter must be included in order to have two 3-pin connectors.

Technical Details

Product name Xtrfy H2
Frequency 15 up to 25.000 Hz
Diameter driver 53 mm
Impendance, sensitivity 32 Ohm, 97±3 dB SPL @ 1k Hz, 20 mW
microphone polar pattern Kidney (cardiodide, unidirectional)
Frequency range 45 – 18,000 Hz
Weight 330 g (360 g with cable and microphone)
Connection Four pole (1.2 m), three pole (up to 3.2 m)
Compatibility PC, Mac (three- and four-pole), Xbox One/S (four-pole) PS4/Pro (four-pole), mobile terminals and VR systems (four-pole)
Price € 82.46 *

Exterior & Comfort

The H2 comes in plain black on the market, other colors are not available. On both auricles there is the rather large Xtrfy lettering. The oval ear cups with their holders are also quite striking.

There is not much to say about the processing, except that it is very good. To be honest, the Xtrfy H2 doesn’t feel very good, but everything fits and nothing rattles. The seams on the headband are all well finished and there are no flaws in the materials either. The ear pads, on the other hand, feel good and can even be changed if necessary.

The fabric padding and the large ear cups make the headset suitable for longer sessions without you really sweating. The well padded headband also contributes to the good comfort. Only the tight fit destroys the otherwise good overall picture a bit. This can cause too much pressure on the ears of larger heads after only a short time, which is both annoying and painful. With small heads the H2 sits however simply too loosely.

Compatibility & Sound

Due to the four-pole jack plug, the headset is of course not only suitable for the PC. The Xtrfy H2 is also suitable for console players, with 1.2 meters the cable is long enough. Of course, it can also be used on mobile devices such as smartphones, but on the go you probably don’t have a gaming headset on your head very often.

At 53 mm, the drivers have a rather unusual size, but the complete ear cup of the headset is almost completely filled. In addition, they do a good job in all areas. The mids often turn out a bit too unclear, so that the exact location of opponents in heated battles with many sound effects (e.g. exploding a grenade) is somewhat left behind. For the normal gamer however more than sufficient, in a short habituation phase you train yourselves the handling.

But the microphone is really not convincing. For 99 Euro I expect a better recording quality than what the H2 delivers. But listen for yourself, you can see the quality for yourself in the YouTube video.

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The headset is controlled via a jack and has no RGB lighting that needs to be adjusted. Therefore, there is no software to customize the headset. In the meantime, many manufacturers offer software in which, for example, virtual surround sound can be activated. For the H2, however, this is more than unnecessary, so no software is necessary or appropriate.


Good workmanship and good sound unfortunately have to leave points with the not quite so good comfort. The Xtrfy H2 sits well, but quite tightly, at least on big heads. With small heads it doesn’t sit tight enough even on the smallest setting.

But everything is fine in terms of workmanship and sound. We could make this compromise for about 99 Euro, as long as you don’t have a small or very large head. Because also the workmanship is right, with the H2 you should have several years of fun.

With regard to the not so good microphone and the wearing comfort we can only make a conditional recommendation. If you have the opportunity to try out the H2 before you buy, take the chance. See if the headset sits well on your head – or if it doesn’t.

Xtry H2 Gaming Headset

Sound Quality
Recording Quality
Value for Money

The Xtry H2 is now not necessarily a price-performance hit, but brings good sound and good workmanship.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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