Black Friday: robot vacuum from Yeedi at a bargain price

Black Friday is just around the corner. For you, this means that the annual bargain hunt is back on. How about a robot vacuum cleaner, for example? These smart household helpers support you with household cleaning and score points with many exciting features. One well-known manufacturer is Yeedi. Here you can save money on various models during Black Week.

Yeedi Cube

With the Cube, the name says it all. This is not just a robot vacuum cleaner. The smart household helper also offers a mopping function. Thanks to a suction power of an impressive 5,100 pascals, not a speck of dust is safe on your home floor. Thanks to its amazingly flat design, the robot vacuum can even get under the sofa or sideboard without any problems. However, the real highlight of the Cube is not the suction or mopping function, but the cleaning station that goes with it.

Here, the robot’s mopping surface is rinsed at regular intervals during cleaning. This ensures that the cloth on the underside does not simply spread the mopped dirt around your home. Instead, the household helper always travels through your own four walls with a freshly moistened and clean cleaning cloth. Once the cleaning tour is complete, the appliance also returns to its base station. Not only is the battery charged there, but the mop is also given a final clean. It is then dried with hot air.

This prevents the formation of bacteria and thus prevents unpleasant odors. Once this is done, the Cube station also vacuums up the collected dirt. This ends up in a large dust bag, which you only need to dispose of every few weeks and replace with a new one. This not only ensures maximum independence when cleaning your home. It also means a high level of user comfort for you. You can also enjoy this when operating the smart household helper.

The mopping surface leaves an even film of water on the floor

The clear Yeedi app ensures convenient remote control. Here you benefit from many different setting options and can carry out targeted cleaning with the help of the detailed map. The practical handle on the top allows you to move the vacuum cleaner comfortably on different floors. In our test, the smart household helper scored particularly well with the compact design of the cleaning station.

Yeedi Cube for 559.99 euros instead of 699.99 euros (Amazon/Kaufland)

Yeedi Vac Max

The Vac Max concentrates on the essentials. In other words, this robot vacuum comes without a lot of frills and instead wants to score points with its great price-performance ratio. You get a suction power of a solid 3,000 Pascal. This may not be able to keep up with current flagships on the robot vacuum cleaner market, but should be perfectly adequate in most households – especially if you don’t have carpets at home anyway. Speaking of carpet. The smart household helper has a carpet detection sensor. As soon as it registers the fluffy floor, it not only increases the suction power fully automatically.

Image: Yeedi

On top of that, the vacuum cleaner stops mopping here. A corresponding wiping function is also on board, as you can see from the wiping cloth on the underside. An integrated 240 ml water tank ensures that a full charge provides enough water for several cleaning trips. Of course, you can also use this model in combination with Yeedi’s own app. Here you can let off steam in the map that the Vac Max creates of your own four walls. Alternatively, you can also use voice control with the usual assistants as a control method.

Yeedi Vac Max for 159.99 euros instead of 252.09 euros (Amazon/Kaufland)

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

A cleaning station doesn’t matter to you, but you long for a suction function? Then the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro may be the right solution for you. It scores with a suction power of 3,000 Pascal and also comes with the practical features of the Vac Max. This means that you not only get a mopping function and carpet detection. The smart household helper also allows you to control it via the in-house Yeedi app.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

But that’s not the only thing that ensures a high level of user comfort. The Vac 2 Pro also comes with a matching suction station. This contains a dust bag. The robot vacuum returns to the station after each cleaning session. The collected dirt is then vacuumed up there. I have already been able to see for myself that the Vac 2 Pro is a worthwhile overall package at a fair price. In our test, the smart household helper quite rightly scooped up a Gold Award.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro for 212.99 euros instead of 335.29 euros (Amazon/Kaufland)

Yeedi Vac Station

The Vac Station from Yeedi is in a very similar vein. Here, too, you get a maximum suction power of 3,000 Pascal. The advantage over the Vac 2 Pro is certainly the significantly larger water tank. For you as a user, this means that you have to go to the tap less often to refill the tank. Apart from that, the station also scores highly in terms of user convenience.

Image: Yeedi

Finally, there is also a practical suction station that removes the collected dirt from your smart household helper after every cleaning tour. The Yeedi app also shines here again with lots of setting options for cleaning. For more information on the robot hoover, you can take a look at our test report.

Yeedi Vac Station for 299.99 euros instead of 336.13 euros (Amazon/Kaufland)

Yeedi Vac 2

Reduced to the essentials – that’s probably the best way to describe the Yeedi Vac 2. And that’s not meant to sound derogatory. After all, there is a huge demand out there for robot vacuums that do what they do best – vacuuming. And the Vac 2 with its 3,000 Pascal suction power can definitely do that! Apart from that, you also get a reliable mopping function. You shouldn’t expect miracles from this, but it is certainly helpful in practice.

Image: Yeedi

The whole thing is rounded off with features such as 3D obstacle avoidance, the obligatory visual mapping and user-defined cleaning. You can adapt the latter to your personal preferences in the clear Yeedi app. If you realize over time that a suitable suction station might not be so bad after all, you can easily retrofit it. After all, the manufacturer offers the right extension model for the Vac 2.

Yeedi Vac 2 for 179.99 euros instead of 349.99 euros (Amazon/Kaufland)

Save big now!

Black Friday comes with many offers. Yeedi is also playing along and offering you lots of savings. This also applies to the models mentioned above. The offers are valid between November 17 and November 27, 2023.

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Black Friday is just around the corner. For you, this means that the annual bargain hunt is back on. How about a robot vacuum cleaner, for example? These smart household helpers support you with household cleaning and score points with many exciting features. One well-known manufacturer is Yeedi. Here you can save money on various … (Weiterlesen...)

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