Alpine 23 comes and expands the Alpine series from ARCTIC with a new CPU cooler

The Alpine series from ARCTIC gets a new addition. The Alpine 23 is the successor of the Alpine AM4. ARCTIC’s Alpine series is thereby solid, compact as well as price and performance.

New mounting system

As the successor to the Alpine AM4, the new Alpine 23 CPU cooler has been given a revised mounting system. Here, the cooler is simply plugged onto the AMD Retention Modules and then screwed. The robust metal clips also guarantee the stability and safety of the Alpine 23. Then you can also start directly, because the thermal paste is already applied. ARCTIC has used the powerful MX-2 thermal paste here. The noise development is very low in the Alpine 23, due to the radial heat sink and the very wide PWM-controlled speed range. To improve the cooling performance, the fine cooling fins were fanned out in a Y-shape, which then increases the surface area of the heat sink and thus the cooling performance.

Efficient operation

The Alpine 23’s motor has been redesigned, making it much more efficient. In doing so, it generates just 5 percent of the commutation oscillations of a standard DC motor with sinusoidal magnetization. This saves energy and maintains performance. To this end, vibrations are also reduced to a minimum and the coil temperature is lowered. Likewise, the targeted use of lubricants reduces friction in the bearing, which in turn ensures greater efficiency. So again, less heat is generated and noise is lower. Of course, all this also influences the service life, which is extended. The 10 °C lower motor temperature also contributes to the service life. With the lower motor temperature and the lower coil temperature, the new ARCTIC fan motors can produce a service life four times longer than usual.

Availability and Price

The Alpine 23 is available now at a price of 11.99 euros, with the version for continuous operation then already available in stores next month.

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