Asus ExpertBook B9: Lightweight gets stronger inner life

Technology experts worldwide were thrilled last year when Asus presented the lightest 14 inch notebook ever with the ExpertBook. Now the successor is coming onto the market. It still weighs a slim 880 grams, but now offers a lot more in technical terms.

Asus counts on Intel

In order for the ExpertBook B9 to also offer the corresponding performance, Asus installs hardware based on the 11th Intel Core Generation. In particular, the Tiger Lake processor is supposed to provide a corresponding speed, which also saves the battery. The Iris Xe graphics chip from Intel is supposed to provide the appropriate graphics performance. Moreover, Asus wants to score with a dual SSD design and a number of other practical features.

Quality has its price

Asus makes no secret that the ExpertBook is an expensive notebook. Thus it costs already in the most favorable variant 1799 euro. But the Notebook addresses itself also completely purposefully to business customers. For it speak not only the pure technical Specs, but other practical features. The most obvious is probably the extremely low weight. At not even 900 grams, you will probably hardly feel the ExpertBook B9 in your pocket. The notebook is so lightweight thanks to selected materials. Asus relies here on a magnesium alloy chassis, which not only weighs little, but is also supposed to be resistant. In addition, the webcam, for example, can be concealed by a practical cover. The display also looks first-class. Here Asus relies on a 14 inch Full HD Nano Edge display. As the name suggests, it is virtually borderless, which is further underlined by the screen to body ratio of a proud 94%.

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Two versions to choose from

Asus offers interested parties a total of two different variants to choose from. These also have different battery sizes. The lightweight with 880 grams also offers the lower battery capacity. Here one has only 33 Wh available. If that is not enough, you can choose the version with double the capacity. But then the weight increases to just over 1 kg. You can also determine the built-in hardware according to your own ideas. But what is always included is the powerful Core i7 processor, which comes with a matching graphics chip (Iris Xe graphics). For the main memory you can choose up to 32 GB RAM. The two SSDs can each have a maximum size of 2 TB. In terms of connections, hardly any wishes remain open. Besides 2x Thunderbolt 4, Asus also installs HDMI, audio I/O, 1xUSB-A and RJ45.

High safety

The fact that the ExpertBook is a customized notebook for business customers becomes clear at the latest when it comes to security. Thus it offers Kensington lock and a suitable finger mark sensor as well as face recognition. The latter might be also very safe owing to infrared camera. Should the coffee run into the keyboard in the office or on an airplane, the ExpertBook offers sufficient protection. After all, it is resistant to liquids. Further features are the built-in stereo loudspeakers from Harman Kardon and support for Amazon Alexa. At the end of the year, the new slim-line high-end notebook is to be launched on the market.

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