CES 2021: Asus presents four new monitors for gamers

Asus presented four new monitors at the CES, which could be especially interesting for gamers. They come with a screen diagonal of up to 43 inches, a maximum resolution of 4K and a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz. Namely, the new additions are the PG32UQ, XG43UQ, VG28UQL1A and the PG279QM. The large density of new monitors from Asus alone makes one thing clear – the hardware manufacturer now wants to position itself even more broadly.

ROG Swift PG32 UQ – bezel-less design and 32 inches

The PG32UQ makes the beginning. This monitor, which has no edges on three sides, comes with a screen diagonal of 32 inches. Thanks to the IPS panel, the screen offers pleasingly stable viewing angles. A 4K resolution is supposed to ensure razor-sharp gaming enjoyment. The gaming monitor offers a 144 Hz refresh rate so that moving images flicker smoothly across the screen. The specs, which are important for gamers, are complemented by a response time of a pleasing 1 ms. The support of G-Sync is also pleasing. The monitor should also be able to provide high color accuracy. After all, it covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color space. The positive first impression is rounded off by the compatibility with VESA DisplayHDR 600.

ROG Strix XG43 UQ – 43 inches and strong contrasts

If the Swift’s 32 inches are too small for you, the Strix might be worth a look. This one also resolves in 4K, but offers a 43-inch screen diagonal. Thus, it is more of a hybrid between a monitor and a TV. However, the Strix is not only bigger, but also offers some other advantages over the Swift.

ROG Strix XG43 UQ

Thus, it trumps DisplayHDR 600 with DisplayHDR 1000. When enjoying high-quality HDR content, this should quickly become noticeable thanks to high contrasts. Only in terms of color space does the large monitor have to concede. Users have to live with a DCI-P3 color space coverage of only 90%. Whether that is so important for the average gamer, however, is quite questionable.

TUF Gaming VG28 UQ – Small but mighty

With the TUF Gaming VG28 UQ model, we are dealing with one of the two smaller newly introduced monitors. However, despite its diagonal screen size of “only” 28 inches, the screen has quite a bit going for it. For example, it covers 125% of the sRGB color space. In terms of the DCI-P3 color space, it is again on par with the Strix at 90%. The resolution is also the same. Like the other two monitors, this one also offers 4K. In terms of HDR standard, it supports VESA DisplayHDR 400.

ROG Pen PG279 QM – High refresh rate

If you like playing fast-paced shooters and don’t need a monitor that’s too big, you should take a look at the ROG Pen PG279 QM. This 27-inch monitor is, in fact, aimed primarily at gamers for whom a high refresh rate is important. Thus, the monitor comes with a proud refresh rate of 240 Hz. However, this is at the expense of the resolution.

ROG Pen PG279 QM

Asus only installs a panel with WQHD resolution here. Competitive gamers who care about every frame won’t play in 4K resolution anyway, though. The positive picture is rounded off by a response time of 1 ms and G-Sync support. The VESA DisplayHDR 400 standard is also on board. Gamers with a sense for cool lighting will also be happy about the Aura Sync illumination.

Prices still unknown

In the second quarter of this year, all four monitors should be launched – in the US at least. However, it is still unknown when we will be able to buy them in Germany.

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