DJI Pocket 2: successor of the Osmo Pocket comes with numerous improvements

With the DJI Pocket 2 the successor of the popular Osmo Pocket comes into German retail. But apart from the name, other points of the small gimbal-stabilized handheld camera have also changed. Besides a bigger camera itself, the better sound and some accessories should convince potential buyers.

High-quality camera for wobble-free pictures

In times of high-quality, high-performance smartphone cameras, many are questioning the sense and purpose of separate cameras. The fact is, however, that while smartphone cameras are now capable of taking nice pictures, videos are often blurred due to the often inferior optical image stabilizers. A gimbal-stabilized camera like the DJI Pocket 2 is the better solution. A look at its predecessor, the Osmo Pocket, shows that the basic structure is almost identical. It is still a 3-axis stabilized camera. However, a look at the features makes it clear that the range of functions is a larger one. This already starts with the sensor of the camera, which comes along with 64 megapixels and a focal length of 20 mm. On top of that it offers an F/1.8 aperture. You can choose between 64 megapixels or 16 megapixels resolution. If you accept the lower resolution, you can enjoy a lossless fourfold zoom. The same applies to videos in 1.080p.

Predestined for video blogs

Of course, the camera scores points especially when recording video in motion. With the DJI Pocket 2 4K at 60 frames per second (fps) are possible. If you want to take pictures in slow motion, you can even record 240 fps at 1,080p. The camera has a 875 mAh battery to avoid time pressure while on the move. This should provide up to 140 minutes of shooting fun. As you already know it from its predecessor, the DJI Pocket 2 also offers some fun and smart car modes. Besides timelapse, hyperlapse and motionlapse you can also take impressive panorama shots in 180 degrees. But not only the pictures should be great. DJI also wants to provide good audio quality in its final results. To ensure this, four microphones are used. These record the stereo sound spatially and offer practical features like noise cancelling. If that is not enough, the camera can also be conveniently connected to additional wireless microphones.

Practical app and other accessories

Even if you shoot the videos with the “right” camera, your own smartphone can still be a helpful support. Thanks to the practical app, you can have a film edited together based on artificial intelligence, for example. The program skilfully combines the best scenes. The optional accessories also sound particularly convincing. For example, there are practical attachments that you can attach to the lower half of the handle. In addition to a classic tripod, there are also wireless microphones or a waterproof case to choose from.

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Price and availability

The DJI Pocket 2 is now available in German stores. At a price of 369 Euro you can buy the camera itself. Who does not have desire on the individual purchase of the many accessories, can secure itself also the Creator Combo set. This strikes with 509 Euro to book.

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