Fitbit Sense: ECG function comes to the DACH region in October

Fitbit seems to be working faster than Samsung: the company recently confirmed that it will deliver the promised ECG function for the Smart Watch Sense in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in October. This should allay customers’ fears that they would have to wait a long time for the feature.

No problems to be expected on delivery

Since Samsung has been keeping its customers waiting for a year for the promised ECG function, Fitbit’s announcement that it would not deliver the function until after the launch of the product made them sit up and take notice. Many interested parties wondered whether a similar disaster was to be expected here too. These fears should now be dispelled: The Sense, which will be delivered from the end of September, will be equipped with the coveted feature just a few weeks later. According to Fitbit, the necessary approvals have already been granted.

Health benefits through ECG function ?

The ECG measurement is to be performed with the help of a Smart-Watch app and a sensor built into the watch. Once the app is open and a finger is placed on the sensor, the app writes an ECG that can be stored and shared with medical personnel, for example. In addition, a detailed evaluation is generated automatically in the app. The function is intended to contribute to the early detection of heart problems.

The ECG function is thus one of a wide range of features designed to help prevent health problems. While pedometers, calorie counters, heart rate monitors and the like are already part of the usual inventory of Smart Watches, ECG functions are still hardly ever used. Recently, however, more and more manufacturers are announcing them for their new models.

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