Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S: Smart doorbell with powerful features

Xiaomi is now launching a new smart video doorbell worldwide. The new Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S adds a whole range of useful functions to the already available Doorbell 3 and is finally also waterproof.

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S launches worldwide

The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S is expected to be released worldwide soon, at least according to the official website, which now has a global version of the video doorbell. It is based on the Doorbell 3, which is available in this country for around 75 euros, but offers a whole range of additional functions.

For example, the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S is protected against water in accordance with IP65 and can be operated either wirelessly using a rechargeable battery or with a permanently connected cable. As with the Doorbell 3, the battery itself has a capacity of 5,200 mAh and can be charged via USB-C. Wi-Fi 6 is also on board and promises better and more stable reception.

The smart doorbell also offers the option of adjusting the video capture range and is said to offer better image quality in difficult lighting conditions thanks to Wide Dynamic Range (WDR).

Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S
Image: Xiaomi

A 2K resolution is offered for particularly impressive image quality, as well as a large field of view of 180° diagonally. The video doorbell should be able to reliably track people thanks to the body sensor and AI-supported detection, allowing the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S to send notifications to the smartphone. Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are also supported.

Price and availability

It is currently unclear when and at what price the Smart Doorbell 3S will be released globally. Its predecessor, the Smart Doorbell 3, is currently available in stores for 74.99 euros.

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