MMD Announces Philips Monitor 222B9T

MMD, license partner of the Dutch company Philips, today announced in Madrid the latest 22 inch Philips 222B9T monitor, which will be equipped with Smooth Touch. The device is to be used primarily in the commercial sector – for example in hotels, restaurants, at information counters, cash registers or in the education sector.

According to MMD, Smooth-Touch is intuitive, understandable and easy to use and is intended to enable easy interaction with the screen. It is a ten-point touch technology, which ultimately means that the screen can be operated with all fingers simultaneously without any problems. This is particularly advantageous if the screen is used by several people at the same time – which is conceivable in the education sector, for example. In addition, the device is protected against dirt and water, which makes it suitable for use in public areas. The screen could, for example, be used to make information such as directions publicly available or to take orders.

Despite the robust construction and the purpose of use, in which brilliant design is not necessarily considered necessary, the screen, according to MMD, offers optimal brightness, very good color and sharp detail display. Photos, videos or games can also be displayed in appropriate quality.

In addition, the LowBlue mode, which reduces the amount of harmful blue light, and the use of Flicker Free technology, which reduces image flicker, which is not necessarily perceptible but can lead to headaches and eye fatigue, make the screen user-friendly. The anti-reflective coating of the screen also enhances user friendliness.

The screen can be connected via VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI or USB 3.1. The device is available from mid-April for 269 Euro.

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