Price increase for storage media – SSDs will become more expensive in 2021

After the increase in prices on the graphics card market, higher prices for SSDs can now also be expected.

Delivery difficulties in the semiconductor market

Storage media, especially SSDs are likely to see price increases soon. According to market observers, the price increase for storage media is due to supply difficulties in the semiconductor market. Especially the most used SSD controllers of the companies Silicon Motion and Phison are affected by this. It is especially problematic because the solutions of these two manufacturers are used in most products. Due to the decrease in supply, it will then inevitably lead to price increases as a result.

An increase in the price of SSD controllers does not necessarily mean that the end prices for the customer will increase. However, if the demand for controllers can no longer be met, there will most likely be an increase in prices, especially for the less expensive models. Manufacturers will then probably continue to produce the more expensive models, so a shortage in this segment is not to be expected. The supply problems will probably not lead to a price reduction for NAND flash memory chips. Last year, more favorable offers and discounts of 10 to 15 percent were still expected here. Due to the high demand and aggressive acquisitions by some smartphone manufacturers, prices are now more likely to remain the same.

Samsung and Western Digital out

Not affected by the supply problems are the companies Western Digital and Samsung. This is because these two manufacturers design their own SSD controllers. Thus, they are not dependent on other manufacturers and will be able to keep their prices.

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