Realme 8 series: First model series with 108-megapixel camera announced

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme recently presented the first details and information about the camera of the upcoming Realme 8 series at its own “Camera Innovation Event” in China. The Realme 8 Pro will feature a very powerful 108-megapixel camera with a HM2 sensor from Samsung. Realme also showed off new camera features.

Realme 8 series: HM2 sensor from Samsung with 12,000 x 9,000 pixels

The Realme 8 Pro will be able to achieve particularly qualitative photos thanks to the 108-megapixel camera with Samsung’s HM2 sensor with 12,000 x 9,000 pixels. The built-in camera sensor has a particularly large sensor size of 1/1.52 inches, which should allow more light to pass through and thus achieve better image quality. The HM2 sensor also supports 9-in-1 pixel binning, ISOCELL Plus and Smart ISO. In very different lighting conditions, users can thus continue to shoot good photos.

Realme 8 series: new camera modes and features introduced

In addition to the new 108-megapixel camera sensor of the Realme 8 series, the company also wants to score with new camera modes and functions. The quality of the photos is supposed to be maintained, especially when zooming in. Thus, significantly sharper pictures with triple zoom are to be made possible by the in-sensor zoom technology. Here, eight 12-megapixel photos are taken in very quick succession and combined via algorithm for a maximum threefold magnification.

A new feature for the Realme 8 series is also tilt-shift photography and video, which can create the impression of miniature worlds. This usually requires expensive special lenses. Parts of the subject are captured out of focus. With the help of an algorithm, this tilt-shift effect is to be made possible with the Realme 8 series with just the swipe of a finger. Shape, blur transition and other details can be adjusted. The Realme 8 Pro is also supposed to be the world’s first smartphone to offer tilt-shift time-lapse videos as a function.

Other features of the Realme 8 series include Star Mode, in which the smartphone shoots 30 photos within 480 seconds to create a one-second time-lapse video of the night sky. Portraits of people are supposed to turn out especially well with new filters as further developments of the bokeh effects: Among them are the Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh Portrait and AI Color Portrait filters. All these technologies are intended to make the Realme smartphones more attractive to the young target group. The manufacturer has not yet provided any information about the availability of the Realme 8 series.

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